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Killer Tips To Make Your Home Based Business A Strong Brand

Oct 16, 2007
For a newbie it is challenging to communicate with the target group and the communication is too narrow, if a newbie will use only PPC, because there the amount of ad text is only 3 short lines. For a real brand building more is needed.

The budget of a newbie is normally very limited, so most newbies try to find out free ways to advertise: traffic exchanges, classified ads, forum posts, banner exchanges etc. I do not say these are bad ways, but the personal touch will miss totally.My opinion is that the writing skill is a must for an internet home based business marketer, because the marketing is 100 % advertising. And articles stay online for years and are the most sought form of online information.

Many newbies wonder where they can find enough good topics, but they do not understand that they can write about their own experiences as home based business starters. That will interest other starters a lot.Think about the image effect: you speak honestly about your own challenges, difficulties and errors. I am sure that the audience is listening. Just take the first step, which is: just start and you will find out that it is very nice and extremely rewarding.

Take the first step. Write an article about how to start your own internet business. Just do it! It do not have to be the Pulitzer Prize winner. Just make sure it offers useful information to the newbie reader.

Take the second step. Add a Bio Box in the end of the article. When you start your own internet business, the Bio Box link conducts the reader to your own website. It also tells your name, the reason why you are the expert and why the reader should visit your landing page.

Take the third step. Forget now the keywords and other technical things and check that the content is enthusiastic and has zero grammar errors. A good way is to sleep one night, then reread the article and make the finetuning. This is very important, because even one error ruins the credibility of the article.

Take the fourth step. The process to start your own internet business gets power, when you submit the article to thousands of directories and sites using some wide distributing service. Now people will get the news about your own website.Allow people to copy the article, if they leave the Bio Box as such. You will be surprised at the extra traffic you will gain, plus you will also gain links back to your own website from other sites online.

Make sure that the submission goes also to the niche directories, which cover your topic. This is very important, because people will go to these niche directories only looking for information on your topic. Take the fifth step. The article marketing is an ongoing process to advertise your own website. When you start your own internet business, it is important but also later, because you will need targeted traffic all the time.

Over time, the more content you can create and submit to these niche directories, the faster your own website traffic will grow, the more your site will become a cash generating machine and the stronger brand name you will have.

The article writing as a communication tool has fantastic advantages: targeted traffic, backlinks, higher search engine ranking, brand building and your own education. The home based business in the NET requires a personal, strong touch, which only article writing can offer.
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