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Home Business Success or Failure?

Aug 17, 2007
When starting a home business, we all feel excited, energized, and positive when we think about how rich we will become from our efforts. Nothing can stop us from achieving this goal. We have a plan, and we are well on our way to success. What many people don't know is that 95% of people who start an internet business fail, and quit after 6 months. What makes people fail? Are you going to be one of the 5% who succeeds, and how are you going to ensure your success?

The initial problem for many people is that when they start an online business, they start it with the notion that they will "get rich quick". They jump into something without having any real business plan, and then realize soon enough that there are no ways to get rich quick on the internet. They fall for the many scams that claim to make them rich with minimal effort and a small monetary investment. When they come to the realization themselves that they are not getting rich quick, and that it takes time, energy, and money to build a business, they give up just as quickly as they jumped in. Their attitude prevents them from being successful.

I don't want to completely discourage people from "jumping in", because another problem for many people is that they read and do their research, but then they never take action. While researching your market and reading books by the experts is an important first step, you cannot be successful if you are too afraid to take action, try things out, and see what works. A solid business is not built by being passive.

So now you have a great attitude, and realize that your business takes time to build momentum, get established, and that you need to take action. But then suddenly you are bogged down with all of the new information coming at you from all directions, your email inbox is full, you have offers and promotions coming from everywhere, other people are telling you to do this and that, and you are encouraged to upgrade your accounts. You are swamped and have information overload, which is precisely another reason people give up. They have not chosen one plan and stuck to it. They get side-tracked, lose focus, are overwhelmed, and throw their arms up in the air in a panic. Patience and persistence is the key!

Another reason people fail is that they do not know how to advertise, or don't have the money to advertise their business. It is worth finding out what advertising methods work the best - how to generate traffic, how to get your site indexed with the search engines, writing articles, blogging, linking, and so on. It is not necessary to spend a fortune in advertising, but the more you can spend, the quicker the results will come in. For those on a limited budget, the results will happen, but it will take longer, and it's the extra time it takes, and the monetary losses during that time that discourage people from continuing to build their business.

When it comes down to it, we must start our businesses with a plan, and with the attitude that we will succeed, while realizing that it does take time, energy, effort, money, advertising in effective ways, and taking consistent action every day. Will you be one of the 5% who succeeds? It all depends on you!
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