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Nursing Field Choices

Aug 17, 2007
Do you know that it takes to be a nurse? Do you know the various activites and occupation hazards they are facing each day?

In the nursing field, you are prone to many different things in daily activities. When you are one of the many nurses out there in the nursing field you may want to keep a close eye on what your daily activities are.

With your daily activities, you may be a candidate for some back injuries. This is because there are some nurses that have to move people around that are bigger and heavier than they are. You may even notice that you could run into problems with your knees or other joints. One thing is that you are going to have an idea of what to do when the aches and pains arise from the different activities that you are going to be doing throughout the say. No matter what the hazards of being a nurse there are many different kinds of benefits from it.

So what are the benefits of being in the nursing field?

Some of the benefits that come with being in the nursing field could be the benefit of knowing what needs to be done in an emergency. That could and would be a benefit if you are out on a vacation and something may happen to a member of the family and there is no one around to help you out. If you think about it this alone is going to be a big plus in your life.

With all the different nursing fields that are out there, there is no reason for many people to hesitate in going to school to become a nurse. There is plenty of help out there for everyone that is thinking of going to school for the nursing field. When you think about it more of the nursing staff out there needs to get a little more recognition for what they are all doing throughout the day.

To give them a little recognition all you really need to do is go up to your nurse that is taking care, or wait until the nurse comes in to take your vitals in the doctors office or hospital, and tell them thank you for all the help that they are giving you in your time of need.
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