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Oct 16, 2007
When you find the top person to teach you they are usually on the next topic of teaching you before you have even grasped that first topic. But just hang in there and do not expect to come into this industry and become an overnight success without knowing anything. I guarantee you that any top earner you interview or ask did they just automatically come in one day and start making thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, I guarantee not. I guarantee if you ask them if they bought any courses that were worthless, they will say yes. Have you found the cream of the crop in the industry that you are in now in order to learn what you know to market, most will say yes. You ask them did it take you months or years to learn what you did to get to where you are. Did it take you six months or a year to make ten thousand dollars, did you make it in two months. Some will say two months, some will say ten months. Everyone of us is different.

That is the unique thing about us as humans is that we were all created different, we are all unique, we all learn at different paces, we all learn differently. Some of us love to read and can read and learn just fine. Others need to look at something visually just to understand it. We all learn different ways and different paces. Look at how you learn, if you learn a little bit slower, you learn a different method, try to find that method of learning from your mentor to teach you that and get it. Do not rush things, I know some people, whether you are trying to do affiliate marketing or you are just starting your home based business, some people are under pressure because of debts, or loss of a job or other life problems.

It just does not happen overnight. If you expect that, than you are really just setting yourself up for failure and when it does not happen you get all upset and think this stuff does not work, when you actually never give it enough time. Or if you did not do any marketing you might not have hung around long enough to see the fruits of your labor. When we first started network marketing and when we found the cream of the crop, he said go recruit from within the industry, and we said how do you do this. He said you need to call other people in the industry. So we started calling people, we did not know much about the internet, but we did call to generate the traffic, it is part of the formula, it is targeted traffic because we are recruiting from the industry which is the target market, we are just using the telephone to generate the traffic.

We would do like a hundred to two hundred calls a day, it would take us about two and a half hours or so. It took us a little longer in the beginning but you get better at what you do over time. Contrary to what people said about using this method, they would sponsor one person after calling a hundred people, we did not sponsor one single person until after many hundreds of calls. When we first started it was not even a hundred calls a day, it was more like fifty or less until we were use to using the phone that much. You have to work up to calling that many people in one day. So it took us many weeks and many hundreds of calls to sponsor one person.

If you try to gauge yourself on what other people are doing, like sign up one person for every hundred calls, that may work for them but do not think it is going to work for you. Maybe they have been doing it for a long time and they mastered that skill. You may have a long way to go before you can be as competent as they are and perfect that technique. We did not have that when we first started. It took us weeks to even get close to that. If we just listened to what they said and what they did and we did twenty calls the first day and say we got to a hundred calls my fourth or fifth day, we called a hundred people by that time combined and did not sponsor one person.

If we just listened to that, we would have stopped at that point. But we knew that they had been doing the calls for quite a while, they know exactly what they are doing, they put their time in already, just like we are doing now to perfect this and to become a master at what we were doing. And soon after we made that first sale, after hundreds and hundreds of phone calls, we soon mastered it where we were recruiting one person out of every hundred or two hundred calls, and because of the voice message that we left we would sponsor one person every two or three days from the voice messages that we had left.

You have to perfect all aspects of the techniques that you going to be using. After you become a master at one of the techniques, then you can go on to teach any of the people that you work with. You can tell people that they cannot use the method and expect to get the results that a person who mastered that technique is getting, it just will not happen. You cannot start cold and make two hundred calls a day and sign up two people like someone who has been at it for a year or so. So that is just an example on branding.
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