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How To Use SEO Elite 4.0 To Outrank Your Competitors Fast

Oct 16, 2007
SEO Elite 4.0 is the latest version of the powerful search engine optimization program created by Brad Callen. This article will discuss how version 4.0 of Seo Elite will help you outrank your competitors by analyzing the on-page optimization of your competitors.

Many website owners aren't as net savvy about how to best use on-page optimization to increase their website rankings. One of the ways that you can do this is by using header tags, anchor text, image text and bolding, underlining and italicizing your main keywords on the page.

There is a lot you can do without any kind of software to perform this task.

To perform this task manually you would need to choose your keyword phrase and do a search of Google. Then you would need to analyze the on page optimization of the top 3 sites by analyzing the backlinks to their site, the Page Rank of each individual site, count how many times the keyword phrase appears on the page, go to view source and analyze if there are any header tags, look at the title of the page and the description, write down the meta tags, and count how many times the keywords are bolded, underlined and italicized.

Of course this can be extremely time consuming and exhausting.

Submitexpress can be very helpful in getting you started with this manual task.

Alternatively, you could use an automated software tool like Seo Elite.

Here is how you would perform this task with that seo software.

It is possible to do this simply by viewing the page source of a competitor's website. However, this software allows you to do this automatically and is very easy to put into practice.

Let me explain how.

The way to do this in this search engine optimization tool is by running Project 3. You must choose to either run allinanchor, allintext, or allintitle. Then enter the keyword phrase or keyword that you are going to be doing research on.

Let's use the phrase weight loss as an example. Simply click okay and let the project run.

The program will then divide into two columns. The left column will show the natural search engine results and the right will show more details about their on-page optimization. For example, if a site is ranked number 3 on google for weight loss, however, they rank number 9 for allinanchor then it's highly likely that they are ranking highly for something other than their anchor text on the page.

You could then run all-in-title to see if that has anything to do with their high ranking or, alternatively, analyze the backlinks to their site.

All-in-anchor will rank websites according to the amount of anchor links on their page for that keyword or keyword phrase.

This is just of the many features of Seo Elite software.
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