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The Profitable Home Based Business Opportunity Website Needs A Clear Plan

Oct 16, 2007
Another profitable thing is, that you will put your plan on paper, so that it is easily available whenever you need. The plan saves a lot, then your home based business opportunity actions are not accidents but will form a long term row of same line, planned actions.

If you do not know, what is the goal of your own website, you will probably earn nothing. Your home based business opportunity must give the unique answer to the two main questions: to whom is it targeted and what is the USP, a clear promise, of your business. The website is the main medium by which the entrepreneur wants to achieve his targets using the strategy he has planned.

If you make a comparison and compare your home based business opportunity home page with the TV ad, you understand, what a clear, immediate promise means. TV ad must do the effect in 15 seconds, both emotionally and rationally. A thorough thinking is needed!

The promise of your website must come from the business plan, it must be your business idea told in the headline, a USP, unique selling proposition.

In the starting phase of the website planning, some simple questions are needed.
1.What is the vision and goal for the website?
2.Why do I need a website?
3.What I want, that my website does?
After you have answered these simple questions, you understand how clear the whole process becomes. Your website is a major selling tool and it must sell benefits to the visitors. That is the whole idea!

Let`s take an example from the area of the internet home business. Most of us are selling the well-known products and affiliate programs. The situation is the same as in the brick and mortar business. All stores are selling more or less the same products.But does they look the same, does their image feel the same, are we as willing to enter all of them? No, of course not, because the question is not about the products they sell, but about HOW they do it. Every single shop has its own competitive edge, its own way to operate.

So if you want to make money with the same products and affiliate programs of your home based business opportunity as many others do, how can you build a unique website with a unique promise and feel?

The answer can be found out from the question of how you do it. I guess that your personality will be in the main role, but that alone is not enough. You have to decide one big thing from the long list of arguments: selection of products, personal service, customer service, your own special products and so on.

The uniqueness is a must, if you want to become a successful marketer. The more personal touch you have, the more results you will get. In the very competitive home based business opportunity market, the most successful marketers write their own special reports and ebooks, which they distribute for free in most cases. They do not sell programs, they sell products, because they are easier to understand for the prospects.

Some of them keep lectures about the ebook topic, sell videos etc. The idea behind these efforts is the same: to stand out of from the crowd and to build up a unique brand. So their answer is not to discover the products again, but to discover HOW they market the products. This HOW must be finetuned along the customer needs.

As you see, the website planning is a selection process. The more specific you can be, the better. One website must have a sharp promise to the target audience. One small website can handle only one main topic, so leave pieces to other websites too.
Know exactly, what your website is doing in the internet.
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