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8 Strategies to Promote Your Work at Home Typing Business on a Budget

Oct 16, 2007
Deciding that you want to start a work at home typing job is one thing. Actually starting it and finding people to work for is another. It can become quite costly promoting your services with little or no results. The following information offers tips on how to promote your work at home typing business without breaking the bank.

Define your target

Wasted expenditure begins with advertising to the wrong group of people. Before you begin your promotional efforts, identify your potential customers. For a work at home typing business success can come from thinking small. Offer your services to small businesses such as trades men. Do not ask big companies; you will be competing with existing staff and employment agencies. Also, avoid IT businesses. They are IT literate and mostly likely will not need your services.

Mailing List

Begin and continue to build a database of contact information of local businesses.

Business cards

Get business cards printed. This can be done for free if you already have an existing program on your computer; if not you can download templates that you can change and print off. Your business card should include your full name, contact details and the service you offer. Make a lot so you can hand them out to everyone and include them when you do mail shots.

Add unique branding

Create a professional looking template to use as a letter head. This can easily be done on your word processor. If you chose to use a logo on your business cards repeat the logo on your business stationary. Keep the color scheme the same as well. Your advertising creatives should have a uniform flow.

Mail shots

Mail shots and email shots are forms of direct marketing. Set up a standard letter to send to each person in your database. Your letter should make known the service you are offering. Try not to sound like a cheesy commercial. Keep it simple by stating what you do and tell recipients to save your business card for future reference.


Create flyers and post them in locations where your targeted business will see them. As well include them in mail shots. Some parks have widescreens to advertise on. These can be very effective just be sure to ask the land owner for permission before posting your flyer.

Free ads

There are numerous places such as shops, churches, libraries and wholesalers that offer a notice board where you can advertise your services free of charge. Be sure to return regularly to make sure your ad hasn't been removed or covered.

Classified ad

Place ads in local papers that offer ad space within your budget. Do not be discouraged if your first mail shot does not yield results; repeat the process in another month. Another great tip is to look for desperate clients. Tradesmen with little or no IT literacy are great or small business owners who have their plate full and need an extra hand keeping their documents up to date. Do not look for people who could easily manage the work themselves.

With a little perseverance you'll soon find that you can start a successful work at home typing business on next to nothing.
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