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Top Gun Entrepreneurs Use Audio-Video Online To Convert Like Crazy!

Oct 17, 2007
Audio and Video tools in the ever-changing online world have been combined into powerful internet marketing systems for building your online business.

It is no longer a choice as to whether you should be incorporating Audio and Video into your internet marketing strategies. You absolutely should take advantage of these no-brainer systems at the moment you decide to compete as a Top Gun in your business.

Online competition in every Niche is increasing exponentially. Standing out from the teeming online masses by employing your unique voice is good for business. Fortunately, Audio is dirt cheap if you are on a budget and just starting out online.

Audio, on its own, is powerful. So don't worry about using Video right away. Your voice is unique. It sets you apart from everyone else on the Internet. Some voices grab. Some soothe. Some excite to action. Some few can do it all. They result from practicing the Art of Persuasion.

There is one guy in particular from whom I took a three month online course in internet marketing. Whatever he recommends, I take seriously. Over time, his recommendations have proven to be totally credible and trustworthy, and, generous of heart. But it is his voice and his manner of speaking that began and sustains the relationship.

Practice? Rehearse? I just want to be personable... How hard can just being ME be? I learned it takes practice. It requires rehearsal even being just ME.

Without practice, an opportunity can be lost. The speaker or product never obtains a fair hearing. Nor a future hearing. Many of us initially fail to take Audio as seriously as it should be taken. Even if being lighthearted and competently business casual is your aim, it is essential to practice for optimum credibility and profit.

I didn't practice for the first Teleseminar I recorded for my financial services business. I choked. I rushed. I spoke until I ran out of breath. Surprising how could I sound so, well, phony, when I thought it would be so easy to just be Me, as if I was sitting across from a client.

Audio and Video does more than build relationships fast. Rankings matter online and Audio and Video are beloved by search engines. Take these mega-tools for granted anymore and your present rankings will suffer from the disconnect.

People do business with people, over and over again, with whom they come to know, like and trust. That is THE maxim when it comes to internet marketing.

And Voice is as personal as it gets online. The beginning of many, many profitable, long-term relationships will sprout from that part of what makes you You.

Audio takes a static website and enhances it by creating a memorable presence as your voice circles the globe, giving the world a taste of your distinct personality.

Building credibility and trust.
Warming the heart with a good story.
Feeding the soul with spiritual insights.
Inspiring immediate action time and again.
Teaching everything under the Sun, indelibly.
Helping to sell You first.

Remember, you only have seconds to intrigue a Visitor into remaining on your website or sales page long enough to get your message out, before they click away to someone else offering similar products and services.

A silent, static website can not properly share your personality with your online visitors. Converting your Visitors into Clients is difficult without your unique personality shining through, especially when competition is stiff.

Are you warm? Funny? Enthusiastic? Know your Niche(s) backwards and forwards? Are you plain-spoken? Erudite? From California or the Deep South? Have an Irish lilt?

Your voice is powerful. Actually, magical in scope. Your voice creates a visual of the many facets of the one-and-only You expressed in sound vibration.

Powerful stuff!
About the Author
Cie Lowery offers tips for Artists, Authors, Realtors, Marketers, ebay sellers, using no-brainer, integrated plug & play Audio-Video systems that store data for downloading to websites, sales pages, emails, Squidoo, too. http://MyListingsAtLightspeed.com or email at: cielowery@comcast.net
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