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Security - Internet Roots And Research

Oct 17, 2007
Security in communications has been considered the primary reason the Internet was started although many researches view this as an elaborate urban myth.

Imagine a world where nuclear war caused significant deficits in communications. The thought of this possibility is what some say led to the development of what was known as The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). This system allowed packets of information to be delivered through a series of connected computers ensuring that communications could continue in the event of a worse-case scenario.

From all accounts this system was birthed in the minds of scientists back in the early 1960's and implemented several years later. When the cold war ended educational institutions used the system for research purposes in connection with other educational institutions around the world.

The ramifications of this global network eventually eclipsed any potential or mythological use during the cold war.

While this system did not serve in the capacity of post-apocalyptic communications it did serve to advance other noted communications including GPS advancement made available at no cost through the US Government. The governments of countries around the world now have sites dedicated to information and assistance for their citizens.

Today the Internet can facilitate a wide variety of communications including telephone service and audio and video transmission through podcasting and video streaming.

While security of governmental boundaries may or may not have been the motivation for what we now refer to as the Internet it is security that users must insist on to allow the computer to function properly.

Computer viruses are routinely released on the web that seek to extract data while corrupting files. Security measures are often breached while information is exported to individuals with less than pure intentions.

The use of anti-virus software is an important security measure to ensure the use of this global network through the portal of a home or business computer.

Because the Internet is based on shared data, resources and servers there is always the potential of virus attacks and other forms of online abuse. The overriding need of anti-virus protection simply works to stop viruses before they are spread from one user to the next.

Viruses can be imported through email and by visiting certain websites. Anti-virus software can alert you when an attack is inbound and can prevent that attack from actually affecting your computer.

As the use of the Internet becomes more widespread the use of anti-virus software is vital. Regular updates and computer scans are an essential part to computer safety.
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