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What Is A Bankruptcy Mailing List?

Oct 17, 2007
Do you know what a bankruptcy lists is and if you are on it? If you have filed for bankruptcy, you are sure to be on several bankruptcy lists! You probably thought that you would quit receiving so much junk mail after your bankruptcy, but because of bankruptcy lists, you will receive more than ever! Credit card companies know that you are probably eager to reestablish your credit. They also know that you cannot get out of your debt for at least seven years, so they are happy to obtain your personal information.

Your bankruptcy became a part of a public record and there are people whose job it is to compile bankruptcy lists. Many different marketing companies hire people to gather the information from the public record and create these lists so they can sell your name to companies who are anxious to sell you their services. The companies who purchase these marketing lists range from credit card companies to credit repair services, and everything in between! The demand for hot business leads is growing more and everyday.

There really is not a way to stop receiving mail from these companies once you are victim of the bankruptcy lists. As soon as you request not to be contacted by one company, you name has been sold to another. It can be exasperating for some people because they are being inundated with credit offers like never before. The marketing companies can make it difficult for you to move on if you have chosen to not seek the reestablishment of your credit at this time.

If you are a perceptive consumer, instead of getting angry about the bankruptcy lists, you will decide to use the lists to your greatest advantage. Many companies have purchased these lists. You will have many different choices placed before you. You will have the luxury of choosing which companies with which you want to do business. There will be options placed before you that were not possible before your name was placed on the lists! It will be easier for you to discover which lenders will work with you after your name has been added. You may even be surprised by who has purchased these marketing tools!

Bankruptcy lists can be a good business opportunity if you are inclined to do a little research. The information is free if you are willing to spend a little time compiling it. Many companies are too busy to compile the information themselves, so they will buy the lists from someone who wants to spend the time doing that research. It can be very lucrative if you provide the right information and demographics on your marketing lists. Well-written lists can provide repeat business with the same companies repeatedly. With a little ingenuity and effort, you could find a bright spot in the business of providing lists and instead of owing these companies money, you can make them owe you in the end!
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