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You, An Internet Millionaire? First Answer these Internet Home Business Questions

Oct 17, 2007
Do you dream to become an internet millionaire?

Do you want to make tons of money on the internet with your own internet home business?

Are you struggling to start an internet business and want to get answers to your most pressing questions?

If you answered yes then make sure you check out answers to these questions before you even consider shooting your million dollar goal.

The purpose of this article is to answer questions and first get you started, then move you towards your million dollar goal.

Can you first answer these internet home business questions...

Question 1 - How to research your market?

Question 2 - How to find your niche?

Question 3 - How to choose your product or service?

Question 4 - How to develop your goal and a plan to reach your goal?

These are the basic questions you need to answer before approaching your million dollar goal.

Lets get you started on the right track by answering these questions asap...

Question 1 - How to research your market?

Visit inventory.overture.com and enter your main keyword out there.

This will give you demand of your niche and also related keywords in sub niches of your niche.

Then visit google.com and enter your keyword in quotes and you will get to know your competition.

Question 2 - How to find your niche?

Select a niche that you want to target that has a high demand and low competition.

This is the niche that you have to consider targeting.

Question 3 - How to choose the product or service?

Visit top 10 to 20 sites in google for your main keyword.

See what they are doing, what products and services they are selling, what is their marketing strategy.

Doing this research you will get hundreds of ideas that you can use to create your own products and services.

Question 4 - How to develop your goal and a plan to reach your goal?

Make a clear goal and write it down.

Make a short term goal that you have to focus and a long term goal.

Short term goal should be reasonable such as to make $100 per month by next month. But your long term goal should be something that you want to achieve such as making $100,000 every year.

Once you achieve your short term goal, keep expanding it till you reach your long term goal.

The purpose of this article was to answer few questions that will help you to achieve your million dollar internet home business dream.
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