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Learn To Use The Free Major Search Engines to Your Advantage

Aug 17, 2007
Even though most Search Engines have adopted Pay-Per-Inclusion programs, it is still entirely possible to receive plenty of free traffic from the major search services if you follow the rules, and build optimized, high-quality content pages. Actually anything you create be it a website or an article you should always strive for quality.

Why do Search Engines still offer free submissions? Why will sites always be
admitted? Because by offering that free service they are guaranteeing themselves a huge market. So it's all about greed folks.

A Search Engine lives and dies on the quality of its searches. In order to remain
relevant, it must continually update and maintain its database. The vast majority of
site-owners will not pay to have their pages in any search engine. I know I wouldn't and probably you either.

It is because of free submissions that search engines continue to be a viable to stay current and valuable. Advertisers are the sought-after customers of the Search engines.
So take full advantage. The free major Search Engines are the most important free
resources on the Net. Learn how to work the Engines properly and you, too, can reap the traffic rewards! Besides, not many things are free in life so just for that you should take advantage of it.

Building traffic via Search Engines is not complicated but it does require some
patience and motivation on your part. Here are the steps or process if you will to building traffic:

1) Submit your pages. If you don't submit your pages, you won't get into a Search
Engine's database at all. And, if you're not in a Search Engine's index, you're
invisible on the Net.

2) Tweak and experiment with your pages to improve their ranking. (This is an
ongoing task, only to be started once you receive ranking results in your Keyword
Ranking Report.)
This tweaking may sometimes require you to...
* add an extra keyword to the title
* and/or increase the amount of content
* and/or put more keywords in headlines
* and/or blend in extra General Keywords
* and/or etc., etc., etc...

3) Resubmit and track. Then repeat as needed. The key is to track and note
which pages are doing well, and then reproduce those success search engines.

4) Tweak, re-submit, and track. Then repeat. Sooner or later, your efforts will pay
off. You'll start to rank well for more and more pages. Soon after that, you'll start
ranking well for many of your pages at many of the engines. And that can only mean
one thing traffic!

A feedback loop from building to reporting and then back to building is critical. One of
The keys to success, any kind of success, are feedback. Good results tell you what's
going right and give you something to build upon. Poor outcomes show you what
needs to be fixed.
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