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How Your Website Can Attract The Right Clients For Your Practice

Oct 17, 2007
If you're a service professional, you need a steady stream of clients -- but not just any clients. Your website needs to attract clients who are right for you - those who fit your working style and contribute to your business growth. The wrong clients will be worse than no clients: they cause misery and might even lead to financial losses. So your website needs to target your ideal clients and begin to establish a connection with them.

As a service professional, you can use content proactively to create connections with clients. The way you write copy, choose articles and organize ideas will influence readers in powerful ways.

Here are 3 tips to help your website develop a strong connection with clients who belong in your practice.

(1) Attract like-minded clients with an upbeat, edgy style.

Are you offering a service? You will need to work with clients who will enjoy the way you think, talk and act. Will they enjoy your off-beat sense of humor? Will they be offended by your references to body parts?

Might as well find out now. If readers are offended, would you want them as clients?

While your home page and sales letters do not need to reflect your personality, your ezine, articles and "About" page should hold some clues. As you get comfortable with your market, you can use a comfortable style even when you are selling.

Recently I sent my ezine readers an edgy message, "Get Ready for the Invasion of the Tire-Kickers," promoting a new teleclass. Sure enough, a few readers left the list, but even more sent appreciative notes.

(2) Use website copy to screen clients so you attract those you share your value system.

Okay, I will be honest. I love appointments. I hate drop-in anything.

I am not spatially organized. I work surrounded by mysterious piles of paper and my decorating scheme is Martha Stewart's worst nightmare.

But temporally I tend to work with little square boxes. If we have a 3 PM appointment, and you call me at the last minute to ask, "Can I call at 4 instead," I won't be a happy camper. So it's important for me to share these values when a client wants to work with me.

You may choose to keep your "services" page positive and welcoming to all, rather than scare away prospects with negative warnings.

But you can create web site copy, autoresponders and customized flyers to clarify your policies before investing huge amounts of time in a new client.

(3) Guide your readers to make informed choices so they'll use time and money productively.

Increasingly we are seeing sales pages that come with a warning, "This product is not for everybody."

For example, I sell an information product to help marketers stand out from the clutter and earn money by writing online book reviews. You won't get paid by the online bookstore. But you can choose books and reviewing styles to attract clients and buyers.

Of course, this method isn't for everyone. You have to enjoy reading and writing. You must be self-motivated.

Marketers who offer coaching programs increasingly say, "Don't offer to sign up if you are a whiner or complainer." They are not kidding.

Few of us will hold up our hands and say, "Sure, I am a whiner. I guess I don't belong in that program."

But this statement creates expectations. When clients feel tempted to whine (and we all are, every so often) they will ll stop. Or you can (tactfully) ask permission to say, "Stop, please!"

And hopefully you are delivering what you promised. Now you're building a practice and getting profits - not just presence - from your website.
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