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The Secret To Staying Motivated In Your Network Marketing Business

Oct 17, 2007
Struggling in your network marketing business? Don't think that you're alone. The attrition rate within the industry is well documented. Some 95% of people will give up on their MLM business within the first three months.

Does that make you feel better?

Staying motivated and maintaining faith and belief in your business is preached over and over again yet most don't get it. One failure and there looking for the exit sign but for successful network marketers, this is more of an encouragement and they know it's going to get them closer to their ultimate goal.

How To Stay Motivated

The more failures you experience the closer you'll get to a success. But how do you stay motivated enough to press on and get over the next next hurdle?

Read and listen to motivational material. It's one of the main constants of the network marketing business which hasn't changed since this industry was born and the first distributors ventured out to build their empires.

Motivational material is a tool of the business. While lead generation tactics and strategies have evolved over time and the old archaic methods are gradually being replaced by more targeted methods, the game of motivation hasn't changed.

The Great Motivators

From Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn to Earl Nightingale and Jack Canfield; to energize your belief and faith levels apart from keeping your eye on your end goal, you need to be getting a dose of these masters each and everyday if you want to get over the failures you experience.

The problem is, most don't make the time to listen to material on a daily basis and consequently, their belief levels quickly dissipate. No, listening to these people on a daily basis won't be responsible for building your network marketing business alone, but incorporating it into your overall strategy will.

Just as a football coach needs specialist players in specialist positions who perform their tasks for the good of the team, so will the motivational stuff you get on a daily basis form part of your overall team strategy.

If you are trying to build an MLM business without it then you'll most likely keep spinning your wheels. When you experience a failure such as a hot prospect turning cold on the idea after giving you the impression they were ready to join your team, there is nothing more uplifting for your spirits than listening to a motivational tape or CD.

It tends to put things back into perspective for you and more importantly, for your network marketing business.
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