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How To Increase Your Traffic With Article Marketing

Oct 17, 2007
Quality content is crucial if you are promoting your network marketing business using a website or blog. Internet users are constantly seeking new information and providing this information demonstrates that you are an expert in your field. A leader who is someone they would want to work with!

Articles which contain keywords and phrases relevant to your niche have the further advantage of placing your site high in the search engine listings.

Articles also have viral properties because a reader who finds your article useful they will share it with others, boosting your traffic even more. All this serves to create confidence and trust among visitors which in turn increases sales for you.

So it's clear that articles are an extremely effective tool for generating traffic and making sales. But the only drawback is that most people don't like writing articles or don't feel confident enough in their writing skills.

The majority of network marketers would rather spend their time doing something else. And most people just starting out in network marketing don't have the money to pay professional writers to pen their articles for them.

Stealing articles written by others is not an option since it's unethical and worst case scenario can actually put you in gaol.

But it needn't come to that as there are thousands of public domain articles on any topic under the sun which are free to use. Indeed, their authors actually want you to use them!

Public domain articles can be however you choose, you can put them on your site, send them to your mailing list, include them in your network marketing training, it's up to you.

Just be sure to choose articles with content that fits in with your message and your site.

Remember that if an article is in the public domain, lots of other people may well be using it too so it's a good idea to edit the article, change the wording and add more of your own keywords.

If I were you I would only use this as a temporary stopgap while you're getting started because the most valuable resource you can have is well-written, unique content for your site or blog.

There are many professional article writers out there charging only small amounts. You can order top-notch articles containing all the relevant keywords and keyword phrases that Internet users are searching for.

The money you spend on the articles is a worthwhile investment for the benefits they bring you. You hold the copyright to the articles and can use them as you please. They are also priceless for building your reputation as an expert in your field. And, most importantly, they increase the traffic to your website.

And more traffic you have, the more sales you will make!
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