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Sometimes It Pays To Have To Pay

Aug 17, 2007
I unfortunately have to admit that nowadays even on the Net you now have to pay if you want to get paid. Back in the old days of the Net when something wasn't free it wasn't used. But since greed is what drives us those days are long gone...thank God.

In order to drive traffic to our sites we can now pay certain providers to do so. Here are some examples:

1. Use the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines as a low-cost advertising method, if the
ROI (Return On Investment) justifies it. The best cost-effective strategy is to work
the niches. Bid on hundreds of less popular keywords related to your theme/concept. I personally always supplement this strategy with Google AdWords.

2. Maximize your niche visitors for the least amount of money. Bid a penny higher
than the highest site that seems to reach your target market. Always and I can't stress this enough make sure that the bid in question makes financial sense. Don't mortgage the farm.

3. If the value of a lifetime customer for your business is relatively high, you can
afford to have a bigger bidding budget on your PPC campaign. If your profit margin is
razor-thin, then you need to limit yourself to low-cost but related keywords.

4. Keep ahead of your competition by sending in an updated mass bidding submission
template every 2-4 weeks. Most people are too lazy so take full advantage of this fact.

5. Submit to the free and paid directories only after you have sufficient content for
their editors to review (at least 15-20 pages). Submission to the paid directories must
also make financial sense because some are pretty steep in price.

In order to start your Pay-Per-Click Campaign you must first open accounts with the big boys...
I have to be honest here and say that at first the thought of paying to get traffic was like Mom asking me to finish my brussel sprouts. But then I was told to think of PPCs as a low-cost advertising method. Use them wisely, and you'll turn your advertising dollars into handsome profits. If they lose you money, stop using them... it's the same strategy that you would use elsewhere in your business.

It's all about "ROI" (Return on Investment). For example, if one of your pages focuses on the topic of "no money down real estate," you can bid for the #1 placement (or any other # position) on the first page of search results... or lower. Each time someone clicks through to your site via the link on the search results page, they charge you the amount that you bid. You can bid for as many relevant keywords as you like.

This means no need for tweaking, submitting, spider watching, listing checking,
rank-reporting, linking, resubmitting, and all that fancy jazz to get a high ranking
position at the PPC Engines.

Again I will say to finish do not mortgage the farm. I have seen some pretty savvy people lose a heck of a lot of money because they were not careful.
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