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Remote Helpdesk Software -Another Remote Helpdesk Software Solution?

Oct 17, 2007
Remote helpdesk software helps you decrease customer support costs by reducing the need for customer visits by up to 90 percent for software-support and up to 55 percent for hardware-support.

Using remote management technology, you can accomplish more by sitting at your console or using any internet connection anywhere in the world. Using this software, you can shorten the number of customer calls you get at your desk, solve problems instantly, increase customer satisfaction, and consider expanding to areas beyond the reach of your geographical area.

Certain sophisticated remote support software incorporate live chats to give real-time assistance, exit surveys to record feedback and opinions, inventory reporting features that inform you about status of hardware and software components at the customer site and several other customer service tools.

Some tools like NetSupport 24-7 enable operators to display the content of their computer monitors or an open application to hold training with a group of customers over the network, with complete support for voice over. Using their remote control technology, NetSupport 24-7 supports more than 6 million companies globally.

Another remote helpdesk software solution, LogMeIn Rescue, allows technicians to remotely take temporary control of customer computers and user desktops. It's fast, easy to try and use, and cost-effective. It allows you to control computers remotely and share screens within no time.

It helps you reach your customers without installing software or remote PC. You can even make real-time connections over firewalls. The download time taken is up to 20 seconds with toolkits for fast troubleshooting and problem solving.
After installation, these solutions can be easily customized for efficient multi-tasking while handling unlimited multiple sessions. You can provide different, flexible means of connection to your customers, such as web site, email ID, and PIN numbers.

During longer sessions, it allows you to reboot and reconnect, keep on hold, record and transfer sessions, and direct the requests to appropriate technicians. If you are an organization trying various other means to enhance your customer service division, you should consider investing in remote helpdesk software. This application is developed for supporting the operations of a technician and helping them satisfy customers in an efficient and effective way.

Help desk software offers advantages in several ways. Firstly, increased customer satisfaction leads to increased customer retention and therefore profits. Secondly, it takes the workload from your administrator and customer support personnel. Your staff will be happier and focus solely on trouble-shooting more and more problems. If cost is your concern, then find a cost-effective solution by making note of the various license types offered by the software vendors. For example, if you do not own a web server, you can purchase a license for hosting the servers on a monthly basis.

If you own a server, you can purchase a license depending on your company size. Licenses are usually available for small companies, for medium-sized companies and large companies.
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