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7 Reasons For Starting a Day Care

Oct 17, 2007
As more and more mothers choose to work outside the home, the demand for quality day cares continues to increase. Parents want a safe, fun, caring, and challenging place to leave their children while they work. Starting a day care offers many benefits for a mother.

1. Starting a day care would provide a mother the chance to be with her children during their early childhood. Many mothers would rather stay home with their kids, but are unable to because of financial reasons. Starting a day care would allow one to earn an income while spending quality time with her children.

2. Starting a day care may also be more fulfilling to many women than other career options. This would give one the chance to help children learn and grow. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children she cares for may be worth more than any income earned.

3. At the same time, starting a day care would provide the income a woman would need to survive or even build a better life. A quality day care with a loving environment is invaluable to most parents, so they would be willing to pay more for great childcare than a mediocre babysitter. This would provide financial stability for a mom starting a day care.

4. Starting a day care could also provide one with a chance to improve parenting skills. While you should already be dependable and reliable, caring for other's children would help you learn patience. This would also expose you to children of various ages and backgrounds, making it easier to understand some of your children's behavior or problems. You will learn about different personalities and moods. Learning to handle them will prepare you for anything!

5. Starting a day care would also provide an opportunity to be creative. Games, crafts, toys, snacks, and meals are all areas where you could experiment. Different children will like or respond to different things, so you can play around until you find your perfect fit. The children will love the variety, and even things that do not become daily activities can be pulled out as needed.

6. Starting a daycare would also provide your children with new experiences. They would get the chance to make new friends, and would love having playmates all day long! They would also get to try out new activities and foods that they might not otherwise have. They would learn about sharing, manners, and helping out. This alone could make starting your own day care worth it.

7. Starting a day care would also provide a terrific community service. Many people are concerned with sending their children to large childcare facilities. Starting your own day care would provide a family environment as an alternative to a corporate giant. Most people would rather their children be with another mom, especially one who would provide educational experiences and a loving environment, than to be in an impersonal environment.

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