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Five Methods of Cold Calling Success

Oct 17, 2007
A cold calling list is a list of numbers that you need to call without the people's prior consent. Somehow they got on the list, maybe because they are a present customer, but now you need to try and get them to upgrade. A lot of cable and phone companies will have dozens and dozens of people that just do cold calling each day. There are a lot of people who struggle with cold calling because many people think that this type of calling is a nuisance. Here are the five steps to cold calling success.

First you will have to realize that there are going to be people who are against you. There are people who are going to hang up on you, yell at you, curse you out, and more. You will want to also think whether or not you can handle the rejection. What really discourages some is learning how to handle rejection. Somehow you will need to get some to purchase without allowing yourself to feel the rejection of others. Dealing and coping is the first step.

Secondly, you have to learn to be nice no matter what. You may get someone on the phone that is ticked off and swearing, and you still have to show courtesy. This is another hard thing for others to deal with. The thing is that many people do not realize just how hard it is to take someone else's bull until they become a telemarketer. This is very difficult for some. You cannot yell back, because you could end up losing your job.

Thirdly, you need to be as pleasant and understanding as possible. You need to give yourself an introduction and then you will need to ask the person how they are doing. Then you will want to ask them some questions about how they feel. Do not put the pressure out too early. You will then want to keep in mind that you are trying to be friendly, but keep it firmly angled to the sell.

The fourth tip to cold call selling is that you need to push yourself hard. This is an extremely demanding job and you will need to rise above it. You will want to push yourself harder and harder so that you can keep your sales up. To keep this type of job you have to meet a quota. You will find that it is very tiresome so you are going to have to release all your stress after work.

The fifth tip that you will want to think about is learning how to understand your customers. You need to keep up with the pressure of big sales numbers, however, you will want to consider the customer when you say anything to them. Consider the fact that it may be bad timing and ask if it would be okay if you were to call them back another time when things are going better.

You will want to think about the numbers and there are many things that you will need to work out at this type of jobs. You will want to think about the hard work you are going to have to put into this type of job. You will want to make sure that you do everything you can to make this work by showing kindness, understanding, and appreciation towards the customers. The customers are how you make your pay and you need to show them some respect, even when they are not showing you the respect that you deserve. It's best to keep things going as smoothly as possible so that you can keep the sales up and thus, also the paychecks.
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