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5 Empty Claims About Internet Home Based Business

Oct 17, 2007
In real life, the internet home based business success comes from the deeds, not from the dreams. When you have surfed through some of the internet home based business offers, you have seen how huge amount of hype there is.

The ads, which promises big income without any effort and lead to unrealistic expectations from a newbie side, cause big disappointments and the loss of motivation, sometimes forever. I go through the most popular claims, which the dishonest advertisers use:

1.The Home Based Business Is Easy.
This is a false claim. For a newbie the question is about a new profession, internet home based business marketing and it takes the time to understand the deepest nature of it. The vast internet is the biggest marketplace in the world, where the competition is tough. However, it is possible to succeed there, when you have studied the marketing techniques.

2.You Can Become Your Own Boss.
Sounds exciting, or what? To start your own company and to run it alone, without any people around you is an extremely disciplined way to work. Most people can never succeed to do that, because they are used to work under the leadership of others. It is healthy to think, what in praxis means to work alone with your internet business.

3. Six Figure Income Is Waiting For You!
During the early days of Internet, the media was full of talks about unlimited, global potential and around 20 year old internet millionaires, with their own jets etc. The fact is that many have done a good money, but most of the part timers do only some hundreds per month and if they would calculate the salary per hour, it would be relatively small.

4. No ExperienceNeeded.
Yes, you do not need earlier experience, but in that case you have to get the experience. It is so simple. It is criminal to promise that you can make a huge income in the first month, because it can in no way be realistic.

5. The Internet Home Based Business Has A Huge Blobal Market.
This gives the marketer an image of endless chances on the global marketplace, where the demand is so furious, that even an unexperienced newbie can make a fortune quickly. It is true that the internet is a huge marketplace, but what is huge, there is normally the toughest competition.

The size of the internet market means that a marketer has to select the target market, his niche, carefully, because he cannot manage many segments as a small entrepreneur. It is 100 % possible, but again requires the skills.

Dreams are great motivators but if the dreams cannot turn into results, the bubble will burst and the motivation is gone, maybe forever. I am sure that you, my friend, understand the message of this article, and will study and make a success with your internet home based business.
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Juhani Tontti,B.Sc., Marketing. I Have Build Up My Home Page For A Newbie, Who Can Find Effective Tips And Information To Run His Own Home Based Business.
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