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The Great Leader - Top Tips and Advice for Successful Leadership

Oct 18, 2007
Whether you're a manager at work or a leader of some organization, getting people to do what you want and need, can often seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be. There's no need to be ultra-nice, or mega-mean. The key to good leadership is following these expert tips:

Don't Play the Blame Game:
Whether a project deadline is missed, or someone forgets to order the T-Ball trophies, don't blame others when things go awry. After all, your in charge, and that makes you the one responsible for everything - even when things go wrong.

Be Clear About Your Expectations:
It's hard to follow the game plan if you don't know what they are. Be clear and concise when handing out orders. Clearly explain what you want done and what you expect each person to handle. Then, allow them to go off and handle it in the best way they know how.

Accept That Everyone's Style is Different:
Sure, you may know that folding the company newsletter one way is the best way, but someone else may disagree. Don't be knit-picky over small details and accept the fact that everyone does things differently. As long as the end results are the dame, does it really matter that Joan calls clients at 10 am instead of 3 pm?

Lead By Example:
Never expect more form your employees or volunteers than you are willing to do yourself. Show everyone in your office that you're willing to kick in and help get things done, no matter what. They'll be much more eager to stay that extra hour or two to finish up an important project if you are to.

Learn from Your Mistakes (and other's too):
Everyone makes mistakes - so why not learn from them. Whenever you or someone else makes a big boo-boo, be sure to take stock and see how the situation could have been handled better. Then follow that advice in the future!

Give Credit Where Credit's Due:
Never accept all of the accolades for yourself (no matter how great a leader you are). Give credit to people who contributed to your success and make them feel as if you couldn't have achieved it without them. The odds are good that you couldn't have, no matter how hard you tried.

Being a good leader means being able to work well with others, no matter how different your style of doing things, and being able to bring out the best in everyone in your group.
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