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Are You at Risk of Getting Banned by Google?

Oct 18, 2007
The Internet has become one of the primary media uses in the world today and people use this new device to constantly look through thousands of online web sites hoping to earn some money or find things that they need. The creation of Internet companies have skyrocketed throughout the last decade and will continue to exponentially increase as the desires to use the Internet grow. Several people in the world have made millions of dollars off of web sites and online businesses that they have created.

Not long ago, people caught on to the idea of creating and establishing search engines, which help sort out and filter through all the thousands and thousands of web pages that have been published on the Internet. They also provide assistance for people who try to locate what exactly they are looking for. Search engines have revolutionized the way that viewers use the Internet and have transformed into a multi-billion industry. Internet surfers use search engines every day to help facilitate their searches and to increase their effectiveness and productivity.

The biggest and most popular search engine in the world today is most definitely the Internet giant called Google, which was established only a couple of years ago and now is one of the richest companies in the world. They make searching the Internet extremely user friendly and easy for anyone trying to find some type of specific web page. Their financial success comes from the enormous amount of visitor traffic and all the advertisements that are posted on its web pages.

Business leaders with the hopes of being successful online truly realize that in order to expand and become popular, their web pages have to be chosen by big search engines like Google. There are many different techniques to use when designing your web page so that Google and other big search engines will accept and promote them to all the people that use their search engine.

Even though online business owners utilize different artistic techniques to improve the probability of being chosen by Google, there are also several objectives that online page designers should not follow in order to not be banned by search engines. The following are a few suggestions that will help protect your web site from being deselected by Google.

Do not publish web pages that have writing or links that are extremely small or invisible to visitors on the Internet because large, technologically advanced search engines like Google will be able to detect them. Web page designers must create all writing and links so that they are easily accessible and viewable to anyone that visits the site.

Sometimes web page creators will publish a certain web site that search engines will accept, but a completely different web site that only visitors see and that only please them. Creating a false web site that tries to fool Google is called a cloak and is used to cover the realistic content of a web site from search engines on the Internet. Cloaking is a very foolish thing to do and should be avoided from web page publications because Google and other major search engines have the technology to detect such scams and will ultimately ban such web sites.
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