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What Does it Take ?

Aug 17, 2007
What does it take to succeed in Affiliate Marketing? Besides drive and determination, and a good product that is needed, a clear & concise plan is a must. There are several fantastic opportunities out there today. I'm constantly impressed with the ingenuity and creativity of some of today's marketers. I feel they are truly going the extra mile and earning their futures.

Many of the successful & sustaining businesses have learned that the plan needs to be simple and easy to duplicate. One of my mentors once told me, "If a sixth grader can't explain it, don't go near it." Keep it simple!

A good plan is to give prospects their own website to promote with their own fully-loaded autoresponders and an already establish follow-up system. If the average prospect is not going to respond to your emails until the 7th one, then go ahead and setup my autoresponder for me and get me ready to rock. This is a great idea AND is being done! Don't make me jump through endless hoops just to begin. I'll lose interest fast.

A good plan is outlined, provided to the prospect (visually listed, not verbally conveyed) and they simply fill out an easy form that plugs in their information. They don't need to spend hours setting something up OR be a computer genius. Make it fool proof!

The plan should also be presented in clearly defined steps. Consider each of these as attainable goals and offer some incentive, if you are able, when reaching or completing each step. This feeling of emotional and measurable accomplishment will fuel motivation and can not be underestimated. This will ensure that your prospects not only succeed but become successful leaders as well. You will be amazed at who can bloom when cultivated correctly! Remember, this type of motivation is genuine and easily seen. This is "viral marketing" at it's best!

Now, the only thing lacking for the new affiliate is traffic! If you can show them how to get quality traffic (REAL visitors, not merely wasted hits from the myriad of worthless paid-to-click outfits) to their new site & duplicate this, how can they not succeed??

This isn't rocket-science. Many businesses get needlessly complicated and it's no wonder they fail. Sadly, even, it may have been a wonderful product or idea, but there was no plan or clear presentation and implementation, the ability to duplicate or the necessary options to drive traffic to their new web sites.
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