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Build An Interactive Online Home Based Business Opportunity Site

Oct 18, 2007
To be able to undestand this issue totally a webmaster has to see the issue with the eyes of the site visitor. If you were a visitor, what would you wait for? A call to click and a call to buy as much as possible? Or a teaser, which would make you change emails with the webmaster and to get more information?

What is the product the visitor sees, when he lands on your online home based business opportunity page? The product is your site, not the links of your merchants. Actually the product is the experience, the feeling, the visitor feels!

The core task is that you can build or get a page which is an unique one and also looks like an unique one. Everything of the site content must fulfil some of the visitors needs. In a personal style. And better than the competitors in the same niche.

The plan of the site must answer to the question: what makes this site to offer an added value to the visitor? Can this value be seen in the headline, is it in the first impression, which a visitor gets? Successful online home based business opportunity marketers understand that their job # 1 is not to sell, but to presell with the content of the site.

1.Use SEO To Be Able To Fish From The Several Markets.
About 60 % of the shoppers in the internet start their surfing at the search engine search bar. When you are marketing online home based business opportunity, this is the group, which you can draw to your web site.
The searchers are looking home business by typing some keyword into the search bar and wait that the search engine will produce a list of programs, which will fit for their needs.

The benefit of the SEO tactics is that it brings targeted traffic, or visitors, to the site and that once done it is residual and free traffic. All people, like online home business marketers, like to belong to the community with the samethinkers to be able to share experiences and ask for help. If the home business site can support its members and make members to discuss freely about the mutual issues, this will build trust and repeat visitors over time.

2. How You Can Create A Team Spirit?
You have to take this aspect into your site plan and have an article directory or a discussion forum for those, who want to share their opinions. The segmentation of your target group makes it more effective and thus the team spirit is easier to build.

The structure of the site content can be targeted to newbies, intermediate and advanced topics. Your autoresponder newsletter can cover these topics too.
If you will have a forum on your site, note that it will need a lot of work from your side. And it is your responsibility to do the moderator job.

It is important that you as a siteowner also post to the forum regularly and build trust among your own members. This all is an important part of the preselling or trust building. Much happens between people and not so much between the site and the visitor. You see the difference?
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