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Are Traffic Exchanges Effective For Home Businesses?

Aug 17, 2007
But that attitude is 100% wrong. Letīs take the whole issue positively and make a short analyse of the whole Traffic Exchange market. The easiest way is to look the question with the eyes of a single surfer.

I think that a typical surfer is a home business owner like me, who surfs to get credits for his ads and " something new " for his home business.
So how the the process goes?
Think about it.
In details.
I suppose that first the surfer decides to surf, opens his PC, opens a surfing site and starts to surf.

This means that he is prepared to see ads. It is not an accident. He is really prepared and
motivated. This is important.

He surfs and watch ads 10 - 30 seconds each. Because he wants a lot of credits, the ad must make itīs effect and action in a couple of first seconds, because mentally
the surfer already waits for the next ad to click.

This usage-based element means that Traffic Exchanges are at their best in opt-in lead capturing. My own ads normally have only " Subscribe my newsletter" button with a few lines of persuading copy of the benefits of the newsletter series.

If a surfer has time and interest, he can schroll down the ad and he will see the full list of the headlines of my newsletters. I see this a very convincing, professional and surfer-friendly way to ad in Traffic Exchanges and build a huge opt-in subscriber list.

After the surfer has signed-up, my autoresponder will start to send my email series to him. It is 100 % automated!

My daily job is to surf 200 - 300 credits and my pull is 1 - 2 %. It means 2 - 6 new subscribers for my home business every single day. The work is extremely easy and totally free.

I see Traffic Exchanges from the perspective of their own nature. The usage-time is short and the idea to surf is to get credits and " something new ". That is why the ad-content must be " straight to the benefit " with clear and easy " call to action" element.

We must also remember, that all learning, which the advertising is, is based on repetition.
You can handle this by inserting your url several times on the Traffic Exchange Siteīs list.
Most ads will start to work when the surfer has seen the ad 5 - 7 times.

Traffic Exchanges are great tools for opt-in list building. For home business owner his list is maybe the most valuable asset. And: the Traffic Exchange market is exactly the right one: thousands of hungry home business owners looking for...your newsletters.

One interesting point in Traffic Exchange market is, that it is so big. If you insert the word " traffic exhange" to Google, youīll get tons of sites: both manual and auto-surf. This tells us that there are also a lot of users for these sites, who mostly are home business owners. When the target is to capture targeted opt-in subscribers to our lists, thatīs exacly the right market.
Onether factor, which will segment the market is the content of the ad. That is mayby the strongest segmentation tool.
Advertising is a numbers game. It doesnīt matter what you advertise, the good results require tons fo targeted contacts and high repetition figures. Also from this angle, Traffic Exchanges are effective. You have to use many Traffic Exchange-sites in order to get the waited effects. I would say at least ten.

To be able to reach enough effect long term, surfing should be daily routine. So that you will have unused credits all the time on your accounts. At this way the mass effect will come, and your home business will get a fruicy power.
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