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Oct 18, 2007
You are at home and you have a computer and an internet connection and you are thinking you are ready to start making money on the computer, just as all those emails have promised. Doing computer works at home can be a great source of income, any expectations of vast riches being handed to you in exchange for very little actual work may be a tad too high. The reality is that there are many opportunities to do computer work at home and be paid for doing it.

Many companies may have special projects where a lot of information needs input into their computers and since it is a limited assignment, may be reluctant to hire more employees on a temporary basis. They will contract this work out to someone they trust will get the job done by their set deadline. Many of the companies offering the opportunity to make money doing computer work at home have a good pitch. Earning hundreds of dollars a day working from home with no set hours and no dress code sounds pretty good to a lot of people.

However, if you read the fine print, what the companies are giving you is the opportunity to buy a list of potential customers, who may need your services. Typically, the list will be outdated or the companies on the list will use people they have used in the past with good results. Expensive training classes and equipment may also be offered but before signing up, even if they threaten the price will double tomorrow, check your local area for the same courses being offered.

They will usually be available at a considerably lower cost. Equipment, too, at exorbitant mark ups is another way they make money. When you find out that small scanner, available at the electronics store for $100 being sold by the company for up to $1,000 do not let them fool you because it is the only one that works with their system. To get your foot in the door doing computer work at home, try visiting trade shows and fairs where commercial vendors have set up a display of some kind.

Typically they will have a prize drawing, using this contest to collect names and addresses of people who have visited their booth and at the end of the show will want these names and addresses of potential customers entered into a data base for a future campaign. While many will have their own employees type in the names, many more will be looking for the temporary outside help. Talk to the people in the booth and find out who to contact to offer your services. Companies may be reluctant to hand over a box of potential sales leads to a stranger but if you are a local person the trust level will probably go up. Once you complete a few jobs of this nature, you can begin to grow your business.
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