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MLM Training - Help! I've Burned My Warm Market, Where Do I Go From Here?

Oct 18, 2007
So you signed up in your MLM business, made a list of 200 names and called each of them and told them why you were excited about your new business. And before you knew it you burned through the list and didn't have much success. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation in network marketing, but it doesn't need to be this way. With the RIGHT MLM training you can achieve MLM success even when you're just starting out. Here's how I taught 56,000 people in my downline to have success with their warm market prospects.

This question came to me via the Brilliant Exchange home page:

I seem to have burned through my "Warm market" and am not good at just walking up to random strangers, I don't have the money to buy cold prospects, how can I add affiliates to my organization?

This is an excellent question - because it's common. I won't answer it the way many people would expect me to answer it, or would want me to answer it. But I will answer it truthfully.

The short answer is: If a person is not confident in their ability to prospect, they will find ways to stop themselves from prospecting.

I will not win a popularity contest for my answer, but if you look this over thoroughly you'll see that in order for you to achieve mlm success it's the truth.

So let's go back through the question and let me point out something.

"I seemed to have burned through my warm market." This is perhaps where the LACK of confidence in ability exposed itself. If a person sees that what they did didn't yield any result or even worse might have caused some damage or strain on those warm market relationships, then the person might decide they're not good at walking up and talking to strangers.

They might also conclude that selling their TV and canceling their subscription to cable so they have the money to buy leads would probably be a waste of a good TV.

A person very confident in their ability to prospect wouldn't think twice about CREATING the money to buy leads, buy newspaper advertisements, send out post cards to their local zip code, etc. So where the person who asked this question said, "I don't have the money" they were really saying, "I don't have confidence to create the money."

How could someone create the money? That is limitless. Personally, I sold a gun collection I had and cancelled my karate membership. A person could sell all their winter clothes, cancel subscriptions that don't make them money, go into their garage and/or storage unit and sell everything they haven't used in the past year.

Am I suggesting everyone do this? NO! I'm suggesting that everyone master the ability to talk to prospects because as long as you don't have confidence you will continually create reasons why the business doesn't and won't work. Developing confidence in your ability to talk to anyone is key to your mlm success.

I just received a similar question from one of my downline, here was the question, with my response:

From: Downline

Sent: Monday, May 29

To: Tim Sales

Subject: Learning before doing

When I get someone started they learn skills (Professional Inviter) and then we begin to promote.
The problem I find is that my distributors are going to wait until they learn Professional Inviter perfectly before starting the business (it can take a few weeks).

Would you change that?
Tim's response:

What's the alternative? Do - before learning?

The solution to this problem is to reduce the time it takes to learn Professional Inviter. Also, a person can't learn Professional Inviter "perfectly" without actually calling prospects. So you shouldn't wait weeks to start inviting.

The solution is not: let them "burn their warm market!" Because then they will be very creative in how they "can't find any prospects after that."

Truly, achieving MLM success really boils down to something I say near the end of the Brilliant Compensation DVD: "Just get the "hard" out of the way. Confront what you're not good at and get good at it."

So the answer to this person's question is really: LEARN TO INVITE WELL.
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