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Discover More Great Qualities About Extraordinary People

Oct 18, 2007
''Wouldn't it be an interesting and wonderful to learn the great qualities from ordinary people doing extra ordinary things? ''. I have been able to grow tremendously greatly just learning from these wonderful individuals qualities. You cannot help but admire what these people have done. That is how I felt about them through this journey of funny, sad, inspirational and great moments in life on planet Earth.

The first quality of these people is they are great visionaries. They think far and big. Their impact in the society would be great and at macro level. Their mission statement for their goal would create positive influence and improves ones lives greatly.
People who benefited from them would improve holistically. Their sharing of great knowledge can create tremendous impact in ones life.

Secondly, they are great influential leaders. You tend to realize amazingly that they appeared a lot in media and print coverages. They appear most in ads column, internet ads, magazines and newspapers. And their successes are well loved and received.

Thirdly, all of them started somewhere. Some with nothing and they are able to achieve great success. An initial small act of giving to impact people positively can lead to big achievements that can impact the world. Some of them started, in the process, face failure, managed to pick themselves up and ultimately reach great success. For example, Robert Kiyosaki had face failure in business and was homeless for a period of time but persevered through to reach the wonderful success destination he had achieved now.

Fourthly, I realized that they build their achievements around others and their team and they are very focus in ensuring the mission is clear and it comes first before anything else. They are great team leaders and players.

Fifthly, their journey to achieve great success and extraordinary feat involved a process of great patience. They clearly define that success is a process. It is not an overnight feat. They went through ups and downs before finally reaching where they are. But one has to admire that these individuals keep on going even they are in difficult and tough situation.

They have strong heart, desire and willingness to reach their goal. Delayed gratification is another term that I could think of when I am reminded of their patience in this process. It is just fantastic when you watched the journey they went through and at the end of it all, they leave a great impact. Even when you are involved in home business, you can realized that there a lot of wonderful education that one can learn from these ordinary individuals attaining amazing and extraordinary feats.
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