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The Traffic Generating Power of RSS Feeds

Oct 18, 2007
Real Simple Syndication, or RSS, is list-building. Only it's like building a list in reverse. Let me explain. When a person subscribes to your email list, she gives you permission to send her messages. You then have the ability to send her as many messages as you choose.

She has to wait for you to contact her in order to get that message. Also, she can't stop you from sending her messages. You can email her as often as you want even if those messages do get blocked, filtered or flagged as spam.

With an RSS subscription, however, the subscriber comes to you. Her program (i.e., iTunes) checks your feed to see if anything new has been posted. If not, the program knows to come back the next hour, the next day, the next week or the specified amount of time your user set up to check on your feeds.

When your subscriber's program does find a new post, the program downloads it and has it ready for the user to listen to or view the next time that user opens the program. The best part is this: your RSS feed will NEVER get blocked, filtered or flagged as spam. It ALWAYS gets through to your subscriber.

Another way to explain it is with a "snail mail" example. A subscription to an email list is like receiving a letter in the mail. You wait for your mail to come to you. You have no control over who sends you letters or how many letters they send you.

On the other hand, a subscription to an RSS feed is like you going to the post office to pick up your mail. If you don't have any letters waiting for you, you go home and come back later. You are not passively waiting for your mail to come to you. You remain in control by going to your mail.

Giving your subscribers control over the content they receive by having them coming to you to check for new information on a regular basis is the real traffic-generating power of RSS feeds. And you know they are always going to receive your information because your messages can't be blocked in any way.

So do you still need to have a list? YES! An RSS feed isn't a replacement for list-building; it's simply another tool you can use to build relationships with your target market.
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