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Internet Marketing & Monkeys

Oct 19, 2007
There was once a business man who wanted to catch monkeys then sell them for a profit to the city zoo. He traveled to a jungle, found some villages and proposed to them a business idea. He said, "If you can catch monkeys for me, I will pay you $30 per monkey"

The villages merrily went on their way and tried started capturing as many monkeys as they could. The businessman paid the villages their fees and made a big bundle selling these monkeys to the city zoos.

Some time later, the business man came back. Because the monkey supply was now less, scarcity drove the price of each captured monkey up. "No worries", said the businessman, "I will pay each villager, $45, for each monkey captured..." Again, the villages were happy with the deal and went about their merry way to capture the monkeys.

Time passed and the monkey population was at an all time low. Perplexed, the businessman scratched his head and puzzled how he was going to make more money. He had an assistant who gave the business man this idea. "Sir, why don't we offer the villagers to buy the monkeys we have in stock from us at $35, let them set the monkeys free, and we will pay them $50 for each monkey re-captured...and...then..."

"hmmm..." the business man thought.

The next day, the business man offered his suggestion to the villages. It seemed like a no brainer and they could easily earn a $15 profit for each monkey re-captured. The villages agreed and bought the monkeys, set them free, and proceeded to recapture them.

On the day of payment, the businessman was no more to be found, and all were left were hopping monkeys, and I don't mean the ones in the cages...

What's the moral of the story?

In this world there is no free lunch, we must work for our money. The Internet offers a great way to make a living, BUT we must learn the skills to succeed online. We have to educate ourselves about it. Opportunities that promise you $30,000 without doing any work, any marketing, any outsourcing, are simply hooks to snare the unwary.

Internet Education is the key to making money from the internet. The more we know, the less likely we are to fall prey to methods that seem good. As Will Smith from the movie "Pursuit of Happyness" asked a man in a red Ferrari:

1) What do you do sir?
2) And How do you do it?

That really is the key to internet marketing success. Get involved with the right people (people with internet virtual real estate) and learn. Its what I did and this is surely the quickest and safest way to make money online.
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Written By Sherman.C, Art of Making Money Online.
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