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Mistakes Are Useful For The Online Home Business Owner

Oct 19, 2007
Because the online home business is relations between people, the mistakes belong to the picture. They are not dangerous, they are extremely useful. Love them!

1. The Idea Of The Online Home Business Is Learning By Doing.
Learning by doing is absolutely the best way to learn the mastery of online home business. The mistakes belongs to the nature of learning, like they belong to all training, like learning to ride a horse. Some falling from the saddle will teach more than any ebook. And you do not make success on the first try. But so what, a new try!

2. Is Mistake A Right Term?
What is a mistake? Is it a zero result from the online home business promotion or what? Well, if your campaign brings no result and you know why, it is a greatest learning you can imagine. You just have learnt how not to make money on the internet. The worst mistake, a useless one, is the mistake, which you cannot analyze why it happened.

3.If You Avoid To Make Mistakes, You Will Stop You Trying.
No action means no income. No income means no motivation, which means stop of the whole operation. So all things support the fact that mistakes are useful, a source of the success. The attitude not to make a mistake is a fear, which is absolutely negative feeling and thus do not belong to the attitude arsenal of a successfull online home business marketer.

A trial and error system has been my own way to learn the marketing techniques. More than once it has happened that what did not worked yesterday, works today. That is a clear sign of the learning process.

You see, the online home business market is like a human being, it has different moods on different days.The more you do, the more results you will get. This is simple business! In the online home business one promotion is nothing, but a group of promotions brings massive results. So some mistakes there have not so big impact.

4.The Biggest Stupidity Is To Make The Same Mistake Repeatly And Wait For Different Results.
Yeah! Can it be more stupid thing than to repeat the old mistakes and wondering, why the results do not improve.

Mistakes are a part of learning, a great source of success and the most important source of your mental growth. This is very hard to understand and then to admit. The mistakes are useful, we do not have to be afraid of them. We have to learn from them.

5. The Fear To Make An Error Makes It Impossible To Win.
Trying without prejudice means trying by relaxed mindset. That is the method how I have found out the best ways to make money on the internet. Trusting my intuition. Doing, doing and doing. Many times planning is good, but many times too detailed planning kills the ideas and motivation. Then it is useful just to trust the intuition and, wau, everything goes absolutely well.

Okay, there is one mistake, which you have to learn to avoid, when you try to make money on the internet by the online home business and that is: do not hurry in the beginning. The success comes, when the time is right. And it will be. So Just Do It.
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