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Will Video And Audio Boost Ecommerce Profits?

Oct 19, 2007
The newest trend in Internet marketing is video, audio, and animations to help keep the customer's interest. At the bottom line is every ecommerce business owner's main concern, decreasing ROI (Return On Investment).

The opportunity to increase profits is real, but like everything, the tools must be used properly. This is not an area where 'good enough' is really 'good enough.' Internet Media quality is as important as any other media quality. This is no time to let your uncle use his birthday present digital camera to take pictures, or let your kid use a free-download animation script to make a sales pitch.

Do not try to shoot a video with a web cam in your home. Hire a studio to make the video. The cost may be $500 - $1000, but the end result will be professional. Take a good long look in the mirror. Are you the right spokesperson to sell the company? The $200 investment into a professional speaker, who walks the walk and talks the talk, can easily repay itself tenfold.

Digital voice recordings must also be important. It may be possible to record a sales pitch in the right room, or a closet, and then edit it. But, one hour of studio time with a professional mixer will create a clip that is easy to understand, even with slow download times.

The same applies to slide shows. PowerPoint and Movie Maker are okay for tutorials and book promo videos, but not for sales pitches. A static picture with an audio overlay will not sell - not to today's entertainment generation. It is important to consider your audience's expectations, not your own.

When marketing agencies take into consideration who is buying on the web, who owns the computers, who surfs the web for fun, and which target demographics are most likely to use the Internet to make a purchase, they come to the conclusion that Media Matters. The under 40 generation have the money and are most likely to spend online. Unfortunately this 'entertainment generation' knows more about media creation than many business owners know about marketing.

This brings us to animation. There are several media companies jumping on the bandwagon. They are creating animation and digital animated images to sell businesses on 'cool new' sales tools. It may seem like a fair price to pay $1500 for a 30 second clip where a woman skims across the computer screen, with no background, and talks to potential clients. This holographic illusion can be quite striking - but it won't sell.

In fact, it may dissuade return buyers. There should be an easy to see button to stop the animation. Unfortunately, the potential customer is forced to listen to the same message, over and over. A good idea may be to put the image on the buy now page - letting other tools sell the client.

The cheap animations do not sell. They slow down page loading time, and can make it impossible for thousands of potential customers with old computers to download the page.

Audio and Video are proven to sell. They keep interest, and are passive, making it easier to sell without waiting to see if the potential client will click the ad or click through to the buy now page. But, the important factor is quality.
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