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What Does Your MLM Prospect Want To Hear?

Oct 19, 2007
A prospect for your business opportunity wants to know one thing above all others:

What's in it for me?

So, ask yourself this question:

Are all your marketing and lead generation activities centered around showing your potential team members what's in it for them?

High-tech presentations, glossy brochures and promises of 6-figure incomes are wasted if the prospect doesn't believe that he/she could actually achieve make the business work for themselves.

You see, 'What's in it for me?' is more than just showing them the earnings potential. It also extends to 'Would that work for me, too?'

Put yourself in the prospect's shoes. You've just finished your 5-minute presentation. The prospect likes the sound of it but goes on to ask the 64,000 dollar question:

'Well that all sounds great, but what do I actually have to do to make that kind of money?'

If you are unable to give your prospect a satisfactory answer to this question, an answer that allows him to envisage himself being able to do what you do and make the kind of money you make, you've lost him.

You need to be able to tell your prospect about your training and your lead generation system, whereby your prospects come to you. People who are genuinely interested in what you are selling.

Don't you think he'll be much happier knowing that you have a tried-and-tested system in place that he can immediately plug into rather than the usual answer to the 'how do I get started' question:

Well, first off you make a list of all your family and friends and you talk to them/send them an email using the prepared script put together by our marketing department.

What's that, you'd feel embarrassed pestering people you know? No, don't worry about that, we have the best product in the world and they're your friends, they're bound to be interested, certain to want to help you get started in your business.

And then once we've been through everyone you know we can start you off delivering leaflets and brochures around your neighborhood. Don't worry, we can get you a special printing rate and the exercise will do you good. You're certain to get lots of new leads and prospects that way.

Oh, and we have lots of other ways too. You can stand in your shopping mall with your business card and speak to everyone who passes by. See, it's so easy to get started in this business, you'll be flying in no time.

If you were a prospect and you heard that was what you had to do, how keen would you be?

But once your prospect can picture himself using your system and doing what you do - he's sold himself on your business because he can truly understand what's in it for him.
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