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Conference Centres Do They Turn Your Delegates Green

Oct 19, 2007
At their best conference centres provide a space where delegates can be inspired and invigorated. A rise in popularity of environmentally friendly venues has meant that in some cases the venue itself has become the inspiration.

The way in which environmentally friendly conference centres are run has shown delegates that being environmentally friendly is possible in the corporate arena. It has also demonstrated that going green does not mean a compromise on quality.

There is a growing social conscience in the business sector with companies making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. With businesses striving to go from talking green to living green it is important to make sure that a corporate event takes the environment seriously.

Looking for a venue with a social conscience has become increasingly important.There are an increasing number of conference centres that are truly environmentally friendly but sadly many talk green but do not necessarily live green. Here are the questions that you should be ask to make sure your conference centre practices what it preaches:

1)Does the conference centre meet the requirements of all the relevant regulations and legislation? If no laws exist does the venue set out and display its own minimum standards? A venue should be aware of the laws that apply to it. If they are not chances are they are not adhering to them.

2)Does the conference centre work to continuously review and update their performance to maximise their global impact? A company that sees the environment as a serious issue will regularly update their policy and will be happy to demonstrate their performance.

3)Does the venue work to minimise waste output? Do they maximise the amount of waste they recycle wherever possible? A visit to a venue should make this very clear. If the company have a wide variety of recycle bins then the signs are good. Remember that at least 60 percent of waste should be recycled.

4)Does the venue utilise energy efficient practices. Do they actively work to reduce their consumption of energy? Energy efficient light bulbs and double glazing are simple signs that demonstrate how seriously a venue feels about the environment.

5)Does the venue work with its suppliers to minimise the effect that the products that the venue use have on the environment? Does the venue have an environmental purchasing policy that encourages the use of local produce. Locally bought produce saves on the damaging effects of transport.

Your venue should be happy to tell you who their suppliers are. If they are local it is good.

6)Does the venue provide adequate training to employees that work with essential chemicals? Do the staff know how to store chemicals safely and how to reduce the amount they use to be as efficient as possible

7)Does the venue demonstrate its commitment to environmental issues to its shareholders? Are the local community involved? Are the staff and clients made aware? If a venue is doing well it should be shouting about it

8)Are staff at the venue given an environmental policy induction? A venue that is truly committed to environmental issues will have educated its entire workforce.

9)Does the venue redistribute its obsolete equipment furniture or textiles to the community, staff or clients? Does the venue make strides to recycle any waste products? Many companies re-distribute their obsolete computers and furniture to the community.

10)Does the venue make an effort to use water efficiently
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