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The New Producer and Internet Video

Oct 19, 2007
Internet video is changing the world of video production. It used to be that, if you wanted to produce a film, you needed expensive camera equipment, script writers, a set, actor/resses, and a huge budget if you wanted to produce a film of any quality. Today with cheap access to broadband video, a whole new market is opening up for amateur film makers. Those who never would have thought of producing a video before, suddenly have the ability to produce an film with little or no budget at all.

Many sites that produce amateur online films have been around for a while. Private sites such as Jonathan Ian's IllWillPress have become a mainstay on the internet. Their popularity increasing mostly through word of mouth. Other sites dedicated to amateur films and animations, have also been on the internet for a time. It is some of the newer sites like YouTube and DailyMotion that are pushing amateur film into the limelight.

No longer do you need ten thousand dollars worth of production equipment to make a short film. Today anyone with a video camera can write and produce their own movie, and possibly have it viewed by millions of people. Such is the case with the amateur comedy duo Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (aka Smosh). The two write and post amateur comedy skits on YouTube, and at the time of this writing have well over two million views on their videos. With the availability of cheap production equipment (your home movie camera) and a simple way to share it on the internet, many others have found fame online.

Just on YouTube many amateur filmmakers have earned their place on the internet. Take a look at Dony Permedi's film kiwi. The 25 year old video game animator from California placed his college thesis online via YouTube. The video has been watched over 11.8 million times. If music is more your thing check out Shimon Moore from the L.A. based band Sick Puppies(also on YouTube). The 13.4 million hits that their online video got helped to boost the careers of the entire band. It isn't just in America that people are getting noticed through online video. Nine year old Nazaret Castillo Rey, a young televangelist from Peru, earned a spot on Spanish television news when he posted one of his sermons online. Other amateur producers on YouTube have earned new positions or boosted their own careers with their online videos.

The internet in many ways has changed the way we communicate. Today's internet, with easily shared media, gives everyone a chance to share their creativity. No longer is it required to have a production studio, or a professional cast and crew. All you need is a camera, the inclination, and a little time. So the next time you have an idea for a feature film or a short skit, why not grab your video camera and stick it online. You may even find your own five minutes of fame through your online video.
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