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Management Bound? 5 Powerful Steps To Advance Your Career!

Oct 19, 2007
Corporations are dead serious about seeking qualified management job candidates!

Could you be one of them? Are you ready to step up to management . . . or advance yourself to senior management?

The demand for employees skilled enough to oversee and manage workers is very high. Recruiters are constantly and aggressively looking for experienced talent.

Low unemployment and rapid job growth are just two of the factors that make TODAY a great time for professionals looking for promotions into a management job. In fact, recruiters say that their premier candidate is the middle manager, an experienced worker ready to head up the corporate ladder.

Top recruiters offer these five tips for people interested in moving into a management job:

1. Don't quit your current job. Stay employed while you search.

2. Register with just two management recruiters to avoid looking desperate and having multiple resumes sent to a company.

3. Diversify your skills. Specialists in the latest technologies get noticed.

4. Make sure resume is up to speed. It must be oriented toward management.

5. If you're out of work, consider getting an advanced college degree while you're looking.

It's interesting to note that when recruiters seek out top executives they focus on one or two candidates who meet the company's specific needs. On the other hand, recruiters targeting middle managers collect and offer pools of talent that meet a company's general purposes.

So, if this sounds like a good time to make your move, take the time to get prepared.

The first step is to study and list all the strengths, capabilities and assets you've acquired over the years. Do not rely exclusively on your work history to prepare this list.

You come away from your work life with talents and useful experiences that go way beyond what's typically contained in your resume. And, frankly, it's these workstyle qualities and values that employers appreciate more than a boring presentation of what you used to do for someone else.

Then, you need a good job change plan that can help you manage this important career move. With a proven roadmap in front of you, you can dramatically shorten your time in the market. Remember, time translates into money.

When you take the time to get your ducks in a row before you head into the market and follow a game plan with savvy job search strategies, you can be sure that you'll be talking to your next boss in a matter of days. And you'll come across like a pro when you get there.
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