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YouTube vs DailyMotion - In The Shadow of The Giant

Oct 19, 2007
If you mention the website YouTube, most people know immediately what you are talking about. Thus far, there really hasn't been much competition for the Google owned video giant. In the shadows of the giant, however, remains the second place video site. Lesser known in America until recently -- with innovative ideas and high quality video content --DailyMotion is forcing the larger video site to take a look.

At the time of this writing DailyMotion receives approximately ten thousand new videos every day, and serves up 16 million page views everyday. Although 16 million pales in comparison to YouTubes 100 million videos served per day, DailyMotion has gained some Hollywood attention since it US debut earlier this year. That very attention from some big names in the entertainment indrusty may just lead DailyMotion's quest to be the number one video sharing site.

Although the smaller company does not have the clout that YouTube carries with Googles financial backing, Dailymotion is the first site of it's type to sign on with a traditional television station. Before it's U.S. launch Daily Motion video signed on with the French T.V. station TF1. The deal allowed the television station to play the best from DailyMotion and it allowed the website access to some of TF1's programming. It was the first deal of it's type to mix online video with traditional television delivery.

Shortly after it's U.S. launch DailyMotion signed on with RDF. The U.S. company sells programming to traditional television stations, and is best known for it's television series featuring Shaquille O'Neal. Together the two companies plan to come up with eight new programming concepts. They will share in the ad revenues from the concepts, and they plan to come up with new targeted ad campaigns to fit in with the programming. It is another pioneering deal in the world of online video. Along with the deal DailyMotion raised thirty four million in capital from a British investment firm.

DailyMotion very much still sits in the shadow of the giant, but with their innovative ideas and push towards growth, it may be interesting to watch as the up and coming company may just give YouTube a run for it's money. The world of video sharing has been around for a while, but it in the past couple years with sites like YouTube and DailyMotion coming into play, the ideas have really taken off.

As a whole, online media, has long been caught up in copyright infringements lawsuits with both the music and movie industries. With companies like DailyMotion making deals with traditional media companies, this may be the beginning of a change for online video. The reality of it is that the two media delivery systems had to come together eventually. Innovative ideas and new relationships between online media companies and traditional companies may just pave the road to future for online video. Just remember to watch a small French company, DailyMotion, as they help online video push towards the future.
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