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Including a Call to Action is Imperative When Writing Online Copy

Oct 19, 2007
A call to action is where you tell the reader what it is that you are wanting them to do. The call to action can be as simple as telling the reader to "call now' or "click here to buy" or a host of other simple phrases that tell the reader what it is they should do. This isn't difficult by any means but often writers forget this important last step when writing sales copy.

Why is it important to add a call to action?

To you, when you are writing a sales copy the reasons you are writing it are obvious. You want to make a sale. It is easy to forget to let the reader know what your intention is though. Telling the reader to make the purchase may not even seem necessary.

With as busy as people are with everything that has to be done daily it is easy to get bogged down. When they read a sales page they may only see the information about the product/service and never stop to think that this is something they can purchase.

If the reader was to think about it they will most likely see that they are reading a sales page and that you were meaning for them to purchase something. Most of the time readers don't analyze the pages they read. Instead they think, "Hmm, Interesting product." and then go on with their routine.

Online sales copy has even more of a problem with this than traditional sales copy. There are so many pages giving information on millions of topics that even the best written sales pages can be read as another information packed page. Without a call to action your page is not nearly as effective as it could be.

Calls to action also let customers know how they can make the purchase. If you don't add a call to action and the customer doesn't see your link or find your toll-free number on their own they may never figure out how to make the purchase from your company. Frustrated customers may turn to your competitors to make their purchase if they don't see an easy solution. Telling them to click here or call this number will avoid the confusion and lost sales.

Where do I add a Call to Action?

Routinely a call to action is placed at the end of the sales page above the signature and any P.S. you may add to your page. It is important to place a call to action in that area. If you want to add a call to action in other areas you have other options as well.

If you have written a long sales copy you may want to have a call to action after each main section, this will give the reader the chance to make the purchase without reading the rest of the sales copy. This works well for return customers. Some readers will want to read every word you have written and then scan over it a time or two again before making up their minds while others may read a few lines and decide your product is for them.

In any kind of sales letter a call to action is important, in online sales copy a call to action is essential. A call to action should be written in a very few words clearly telling the customer what you want them to do. Remembering to add a call to action in your sales copy can increase the percentage of sales you bring in dramatically.
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