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Conferencing can Play an Important Role in Online Business

Oct 19, 2007
Web and audio conferencing are used by traditional businesses as well as large corporations in place of face-to-face meetings saving everyone involved time. By simply picking up a telephone or clicking onto a website co-workers or clients/prospective clients from different locations can meet and discuss business without paying travel expenses or staying in a hotel and being separated from their families.

Online businesses benefit from these advances as well. High speed internet access and faster computers make it possible for people to access conferencing systems and talk, share ideas and even see each other's work online.

Teleconference lines are provided by many companies. Some teleconference lines require you to register each time, others can be accessed with your telephone number and password. Teleconferences can be organized through emails that include the time, date, phone number and password.

Teleconferencing allows you to meet team members who aren't in your area and gives you a chance to discuss the status of projects your company is working on. Sales representatives can give their sales pitch to multiple prospective customers at one time on a teleconference. Training sessions for new recruits can be held via teleconferences as well. This is a big time saver over the traditional meetings where everyone had to be in the same room, with teleconferencing you don't even have to be in the same country.

Website owners can offer a free teleconference call to subscribers on subject that complements the site. For a organic gardening site you may want to offer a conference call discussing composting tips and tricks. During the conference call remember to record the session so you can use the recording on your website later on as either content or as an informational product that you are selling. If you set up the call in Q&A form you may find ideas for future content.

With the growing popularity of web conferencing come companies have started to charge a flat rate for access to a web conference room for a month at a time instead of charging a price-per-use. Some of the other companies only offer a per use fee, some may even limit the number of attendees for your conferences. There are many companies to choose from, your business should check into what each offers and pick the plan that best suits your needs.

You can use web conferencing to showcase products to your potential customers as well as use them to train customers how to use your products. Web conferencing and direct sales go hand in hand, you can use the web conference to recruit and train your sales staff allowing you to tap a much larger market than you could if you were having to travel to each sales person to train them.

Coaching programs work well as web conferences. Web conference tutorials are a great way to open your business to customers who are too far away to get to your place of business for lessons. Once you have had several web conferences you can sell the recordings as a training session and increase the amount of people you can train. You can train hundreds of thousands of people with one set of conference tapes. Imagine how using web conferencing can increase your profits if used properly.
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