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Web-Based Help Desk -This Software Provides The Basic Features Of A Help Desk System?

Oct 19, 2007
It is a well-established fact that all repetitive tasks in a business require a process. A process ensures that a system runs like a well-oiled machine from one step to another. Not only does a process speed up your work, it improves with time.

It reduces the number of defects in the system and 'can be repeated infinitely. A web-based help desk enforces a process that does all of the above and at the same time delivers high quality support to your customers.

It is no secret that to be successful, a business should provide excellent customer support. Help desk systems enable you to do this by, firstly, being responsive, secondly, reducing the response time, and finally, being proactive. In addition, you benefit from the hours saved from getting spent in service and a whole lot of peace of mind. What's more, these advantages come at hardly any cost, if at all because there'are many help desk software available for free.

If you want your help desk to be accessible from any location, web browser or operating system, it is highly recommended that you choose a web-based help desk. This software provides the basic features of a help desk system. In addition, the system makes your website safe from hackers and spam because it will receive messages and requests from only valid or registered email IDs or login IDs. This will save you from concerns of searching and losing customer emails under heaps of spam.

Other features include maintenance of high standards in performance. You can define a performance scale in the system for resolving customer requests, such as the time taken. The system will send an alert when it identifies a request that falls below this standard.similarly, you can also prioritize tasks in the system.

Some web-based help desk systems help you to evaluate the performance of a product and utilization of resources. This is a useful feature for better management and is done with the help of charts and reports generated by the system. Often systems allow your customers to attach relevant files such as screenshots and error logs with their problem descriptions. Most events in a help desk are auditable and features such as view history motivate service personnel to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

If you are worried whether a help desk would match your unique requirements, select a system that allows you to configure and customize fields as per your preference. You can then set up fields and their values in such a way that information is stored in the format you want and the overall look gels with your website design.
Almost all web-based systems take less than five minutes to install and less than an hour to configure because no client software is required. Using web-based systems is as simple as filling online forms and net surfing. This reduces the learning curve drastically.
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