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Earn Extra Money With Affiliate Marketing

Oct 19, 2007
Affiliate Marketing is one of fastest ways to earn extra money you will find. Extra Income made this way now totals billions of dollars and it is growing more and more everyday. In this article let's talk about a few things you will need to do to earn extra money with affiliate marketing.

1. You will have to become a student of affiliate marketing. Hanging out in discussion forums is one way to do that. Subscribe to affiliate marketing newsletters. Buy affiliate marketing ebooks is another way to learn what you will have to do to make money.

Do not let me scare you here. Affiliate marketing is a fun way to earn extra money and it can provide a profitable way to spend your spare time. But it is hard work, and just like anything else that requires effort on your part you have to stick with it. You need a goal in plain sight that will motivate you to work everyday.

You also need to do things like setting up your home office properly, network within the industry, and invest time and money in your business to make sure you are making money and competing in the marketplace.

Let's look at getting educated, setting goals, and setting up your office at home in more detail.

Getting Educated In Affiliate Marketing

Ask yourself this question: If I was applying for a job as an affiliate marketer, would I hire me. If the answer is no then you need to learn the trade. To become a professional you need education.

The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner would be a great ebook to learn and become educated on affiliate marketing. Dotcomology by Stone Evans is another book that has training on internet marketing and affiliate marketing in general. These people are professionals and offer great education to a newbie and veteran alike.

Setting Up A Home Office

It is important to set up a place where you work your affiliate business. This can be a little office in the corner of a room, or setting up a spare bedroom as an office.

You can find many resources on the internet about designing and layout. You need to be mindful that sitting at a computer can be tough physically so you need to get a chair and desk that promote proper posture.

Setting Goals

The major problem that affects most affiliate marketers is they set unrealistic goals by not knowing their skills and how hard it is to make money online. It is important to set small goals that you can achieve and work at hitting those. The big goals can come later.

This is a few tips on how to earn extra money with affiliate marketing. Not the nuts and bolts, so to speak, but 3 things you must do to get started properly as an affiliate.
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