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How To Boost Your Traffic And Profits As If They Were On Steroids

Oct 19, 2007
The name of the game here is content. Content is so vitally important to your online business. The truth of the matter is, content can enhance and build your business profits more than any available resource or service available.

Following are 5 good strategies that you can use starting right now to help build your traffic, subscribers and customers:

1. Search Engine Rank - By posting articles and content that are keyword rich the number of daily visitors will increase thus boosting your search engine ranking. So if for instance your business has a focus on work at home opportunities, offering products and services related to affiliate or network marketing, posting affiliate and network marketing articles and content will lure an unbelievable amount of possible customers to your site.

2. Special Reports - Exponentially increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter by offering them "special reports" as a bonus just for subscribing. Give these bonuses away free of charge to attract more people. It is a known fact that people love to receive something of value for free. Your results will increase when you give away something they want for free.

3. Automated Money Machine - Create an automatic cash flow system by using an autoresponder and a short email training course with related affiliate links included in the course.

Training courses have proven to be superb bonuses for new subscribers to your newsletter.

4. Relationship Email List - "There is money in the list." You have more than likely heard this phrase before. This pertains to building an email list of people who have an interest in the subject niche of your website or newsletter and are willing to purchase products you suggest to them. It has everything to do with establishing a trusting relationship with your subscribers.

By sending informative related articles (content) to your email list on a regular basis you will be establishing yourself as a "guru" of your subject area. Because of this, your subscribers will be more than willing to take advantage of the paid products you have to offer.

Rule of thumb: Never take advantage of your email list. Never offer them something of inadequate quality just in hopes of making a quick buck. For one, they do not deserve that kind of disrespect and two, you will ruin the good relationship you have with them.

5. Articles - Submitting articles to "content hungry" newsletter/ezine publishers and websites with your resource box attached is another fantastic way to generate free traffic. A resource box is a small bio about you and/or your website which includes your site link. This bio can be anywhere from 3 to 6 lines in length.

Articles are always in demand by newsletter publishers. You can make the search for content for these publications by submitting your articles to them with your short bio attached in the form of a resource box. Even one article can go a long way to reach thousands of individuals. Some online newsletter publications have subscriber bases of 20,000 plus. Just think of the possibilities of your article with your resource box being seen by that many people. This is why articles are so potent in generating traffic and profits for you.

There it is, not 1, not 2 but 5 good strategies you can implement starting right now to boost your traffic and profits as if they were on steroids. Don't overlook the power of these techniques. Just put them into good practice consistently and I guarantee over time more people will be beating down your door for what you have to offer than you ever thought possible.
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