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Ten Vital Things To Becoming A Seven Figure Earner

Oct 19, 2007
You have to have a roadmap to get to your desired destination. You are going to get somewhere, so it might as well be where YOU want to go...

* A Specific USP (Unique Sales Proposition). What is it that you want your prospects to do, buy, sign up for? You would be surprised how many people that are marketing online don't really know what they want their prospects to do. Mine is simple, and everything that I do is designed to eventually expose people to it.

* A Specific but Dynamic Marketing Plan How are you going to recruit prospects? How are you going to then expose them to your USP? I have usually found that I can recruit prospects to an Autoresponder List by giving away something useful to people in my niche. Then it is a simple thing to send a series of emails explaining the features and benefits of what my offer is.

I say this needs to be Dynamic as you will need to constantly monitor what is working and what is not, and react to that information. Many things will only work for a short length of time and then need to be replaced, or tweaked.

* Focus You must never lose sight of where you are trying to get to. Otherwise, how will you know if you are succeeding or failing? BTW, failure is a relative term, as it is frankly a necessary means to an education. Frequently the only way to know what to do is to know what not to do!

* Goals Specific written goals are a vital part of any successful business plan. Shoot, what are you to focus on if it isn't written goals?

* Motivation Why do you want this Plan to succeed? This may seem simple. It is not. You really have to have specific reasons for wanting success. Otherwise you will never get there!

* Action Nothing happens until you take action. I have heard people explain in detail far better business plans than I could have come up with, as well as seen them laid out in writing but never implement a single one.

I have also seen people with only the simplest of plans take action, and succeed with nothing but guts, and a willingness to take the risk of doing something as opposed to remaining on the sidelines.

Do Something!

* Test & Measure. I call this the constant question: Why? Why did this work? Why didn't this work? Why are my prospects happy? Why are they not happy?

Asking Why? will allow you to fine tune your business, and increase profitability exponentially.

* Know Your Process Every successful business model has a process from initial contact through the sale, and hopefully beyond. Understand this inside & out.

* Don't Get Stuck In A Rut I could also have said, Don't Fall In Love With A Method or Medium. Many marketers fail due to reliance on something that has long since stopped working. Never fear trying things outside of your comfort level. If you don't have the needed skills, outsource it until you acquire them.

* Balance I've saved the most important for last. The longer I live, the more often that Balance is the answer to my questions.

Know what your priorities are, in business as well as in your life as a whole. Make sure that your actions reflect those priorities, and you will maintain balance.

Are these the only ten things you need to know in order to be successful? Of course not, but they will lead you to just about everything else.
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