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Top 5 Landing Page Mistakes

Oct 20, 2007
Recent studies have shown that 80% of visitors to most sites leave in under 8 seconds.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Consistency

It seems like such an obvious concept but it's frequently overlooked.

You need consistency between the call to action in the ad that brought the visitor to your site, and the landing page they visit.

If the visitor can't find what brought them there immediately, they'll look somewhere else. How do you feel when someone offers you something to get your attention, then gives you something else in return?

Be consistent with your message and turn visitors into paying customers by giving them what got them there.

2. Too Many Distractions

Remove all distractions.

How many times have you visited landing pages that offered you so many options you didn't know what to do?

Stick to a single message. If you ask a visitor to:

* Read your copy;
* Sign up for you mailing list;
* Check out this or that article; or
* Click on this or that link;

all you did was confuse him, and as a result he'll do none of the above.

Don't create mental tension. Eliminate it and your sales conversions will increase dramatically.

Get your visitor into the buying cycle as soon as possible.

You have to:

* Get their attention
* Turn that to interest
* Create desire
* Close the sale
* Turn the customer into a company advocate

3. There is NO Call to Action or the Offer has NO Emotional Appeal.

You need emotionally compelling ad copy that stops visitors dead in their tracks. People buy on emotion. They justify with logic. People gravitate toward pleasure and away from pain.

Remember the old adage,"Fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain."

Get inside your customer's mind. Find out what gets them emotional about your product and/or service and quickly explain how your offer benefits him.

4. Bad Design

Landing pages should have a 800x600 resolution if you want to capture 89-94% of online users.

Make sure visitors can see the offer in the first screen. That's usually the upper 300 pixels on the page.

Make sure the offer is very clear and easy to take advantage of. Repeat the offer anytime they scroll past or leave the first screen.

5. Confusing or Invasive Forms

* Keep forms simple

* Repeat the offer on the form

* Use as few fields as possible

* Collect new information only

* Make sure the info is saved as they go so if they accidently hit the back button they don't have to start over.

* Let people know you will never share this information with third parties

Deposit more money in your bank account by avoiding these common landing page mistakes.
About the Author
Robert Gantt is the online business expert and author who has help hundreds of companies promote their websites and make more money online. He is co-author of the new book, Ground & Pound Competitive E-Marketing schedule for release in early 2008. http://www.leadpros.com/index_r.htm
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