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Everything I Needed To Know About Internet Marketing I Learned From The Farmer's Market

Oct 20, 2007
I went to a farmer's market recently. Plates of wrapped pastries, pies, bread, cookies and other bakes goods were available for all who were unwilling to resist temptation. Produce was in abundance and people of all shapes and sizes met at this community market looking to find a bargain and left satisfied in knowing they were up to the 'conscientious consumer' challenge.

This open-air market concept is not much different from a cyber market. Consumers flock to the web to locate the bargains, find the best service and leave feeling they were smart about their buying decisions.

Internet marketing can be a daunting task with many obstacles to overcome. However, if you can take the idea of the farmer's market a step further there are a few things you can discover.

1) Always market to your friends and family first. At a farmer's market you will likely see friends and family visit the booth represented by those they are most familiar with. Chances are pretty good those individuals will tell a few of their friends about the booth too.

2) Market in a business-to-business platform. At a farmer's market participants are likely to visit other booths with a word of encouragement and perhaps a purchase along the way. In Internet marketing this is commonly referred to as networking.

3) Use the power of the Portal to help with marketing. For the farmer's market it is simply the designation of a "Farmer's Market" that will serve to bring customers to the site of the market - even if they don't know who you are. In cyber space the associations you make can help get the word out. By participating in portal based directories you can use the power of a larger directory to drive customers to your site.

4) Never wholly rely on one method of marketing. A farmer's market is often a once-a-week event and is usually seasonal. Most participants will be selling the same items in a store or out of their home during the week. They could not survive on a farmer's market alone. Always look for new ways to improve your sales performance through additional methods of Internet marketing.

The Internet is simply a new method of conducting business. Your parents and grandparents were conducting business long before you were born and your children and grandchildren will be doing the same long after you've conducted your final transaction. You don't have to view Internet marketing as some elusive idea that you can't grasp, just view it as a hi-tech farmer's market and watch the feelings of intimidation fade away.
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