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How To Increase Page Rank

Oct 20, 2007
Almost everyone including many business owners and internet marketing professionals are in constant search for the fastest and easiest way to increase page rank. This is indeed a requirement of Internet marketing so that you can make more and more people see your page. Just to make it clear to all who may not know about page ranking, it is a number assigned by Google according to their secret algorithm which decides how high a page is placed in the search results. You may please understand that what it actually comes to ranking in search results, the page rank number is not the only thing that affects a rank.

There are a couple different ways to determine the page rank of a specific web page. To do this, you must either use a web browser that displays the page rank data, or go to a site where, by entering the url of a page you are concerned with, and get its page rank. A problem of accuracy occurs, being that the page rank numbers you find are out-dated. The page rank number you see comes from the last time the public display of the page rank algorithm was updated, and in most cases there can be an interval of many months since the last update. So, in many cases, the page rank numbers, as used by Google for instance, are not accurate.

Despite these problems, page rank is the most visible aspect we have to understand how Google ranks pages in the search results. Please note I said ranks pages, not sites! Each page stands on it's own to a great extent, though there is some belief that it may be considered in the context of the reputation of the whole site. At the least the page rank of any page can be affected by the page rank of other pages on that site which link to it.

So there is a very simple answer to the question of how to increase page rank rapidly. However, you must first understand what most people think is the basis of page rank. Page rank is in many ways a popularity contest on the internet. It believed to be based upon the number of links to your page and the popularity of the pages that link to you. In other words the more links, or votes, you get to your site the better in general. The higher the page rank of the pages that link to you, the more valuable they are to your page rank.

So here is the answer to how to increase page rank rapidly. You have to get as many good quality links to your page that are relevant to the content of your page as you can. It is just that simple. There are many ways to get links including, reciprocal linking with other sites, posting on blogs and forums, article marketing, and press releases just to name a few.
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