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Oct 20, 2007
If you have an online business and you have grown to a place where you have employees other than family working for you there are some ways to increase the satisfaction level of your staff.

Many of these ideas are simply common sense, but are mentioned as a means of reminding employers of the strength and ability each employee brings to your organization.

I read a story recently about a woman who had accepted an entry-level position at a bank. This woman was motivated to move up in her new profession so when the boss said he wanted to see more bonds sold she hit a grand slam. This woman sold more than a million dollars in bonds in a short period of time.

Ironically, this motivated employee's boss rewarded her efforts with a smile and the gift of a company coffee mug. Nothing more.

Some employees can survive on praise alone while others may have something else in mind. For example some employees perform at optimum levels if they have some assurance that it may result in career advancement. Some employees are interested in perks.

You might be surprised how even a simple gift that is appreciated can keep an employee motivated.

It has been suggested that an employer ask his or her employees what they would be most interested in doing on their day off. The employees answer can provide a wealth of ideas for unexpected gifts when quality service and dedication is discovered.

An employee of the month plaque may be nice, but ultimately it can also serve to degrade the overall quality of the service of your employees. If one person consistently gets it then no one else will try as hard. If the award is simply given out as a means of making sure everyone gets it 'eventually' then it is an award without merit and employees will respond accordingly. This is why finding out what makes your employee tick and then responding personally, and with perks that reflect their individual passions, may mean more than you may have considered.

Whether it's time off, monetary bonus, trips or personalized gifts based on the personality of your employee you will find a little concentrated interest on your part can go a long way in developing satisfied employees.

When you have satisfied employees you will likely have more satisfied clients. When employees are satisfied they are also less likely to move from job to job. This dynamic reduces the expense of training new employees while boosting the concept of teamwork within the ranks of your existing staff.

Common sense? You bet, but sometimes we all need to be reminded of the obvious.
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