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Coaching - How Are Your Using Your Business Magnet

Oct 21, 2007
I don't remember what grade it was, but there was a time when one my long list of teachers demonstrated the wonderful world of magnets. This was the first time I'd heard the term, "Opposites attract."

The north end of the magnet always seemed to fall for the south end of another magnet. If, however I tried to place two south ends together I was in for a wrestling match. The two would repel each other in dynamic ways.

This little experiment has applications for business owners. If you own and operate an online business, and you have employees, you have the ability to use your 'business' magnet to motivate your employees. Make no mistake; you will motivate your employees one way or another.

For instance, if your motivational tactic is through the use of intimidation and threats you can expect your employee to be motivated, just not in the way you might hope.

Sometimes when we have difficult employees we tend to work at micromanaging an their time seeking to assure ourselves that we are getting what we are paying for. The two greatest problems with this approach is that, 1) we don't get our own work done because we are overly concerned about the employee's work habits and, 2) the employee feels as though they are back in kindergarten and often this feeling results in resentment.

So how does this motivate an employee? In the same way two south magnets motivate each other.

By using a more caustic approach to management you work to drive your employee away. The motivation you are unintentionally providing is a motivation that will find them looking for a new job, and you a new employee.

When you adopt motivational techniques that invite employees to the table to share ideas and insight into the running of the company you can discover two additional things, 1) the employee is attracted to this motivational techniques and, 2) they will typically have some wonderful ideas that can be incorporated into the long-term success of the company.

When you can begin to learn to view your employees as valuable members of your business team and less as hired laborers you will likely discover they are more willing to contribute to your overall success and will experience a greater degree of employee satisfaction.

You do have a choice in motivation. One method practically insures a revolving door of employees while the other invites long-term loyalty and mutual success.

How are you using your business magnet?
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