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Getting Started with Article Marketing

Oct 21, 2007
Most of you must have heard about the great wonders of article marketing in traffic-building on your website, but might plain not know how to go about it. So here I explain what you have to generally do in a few easy steps:-

(i) Decide what kind of articles you need to write for your marketing strategy. Of course, these articles should pertain to your website; but they must be articles of interest. They must be articles which will ensure the visitor will click on the link of your website provided below it.

(ii) If you are planning to write the article yourself, you will need to do some research on the topic. Agreed you have a whole website about it, but it doesn't harm to know about the topic from someone else's point of view. When you write the article, be sure to include some insightful points, which could be your own original inspiration.

(iii) Deciding on the keyword is the most important aspect of article marketing. You can use tools like Overture to find out which keyword is getting searched most often on the Internet. Build your article around this set of words. Use the keyword several times in the article and even in the title of the article itself.

(iv) Keep the article length short so as not to bore the reader. Format the article into points, bullets, headings, etc. to make it simple for the reader to understand. Use a catchy title.

(v) If you are thinking of giving the article to a ghost writer, then you will have to select someone from the freelance work sites. Guru, Scriptlance, Freelance Work Exchange and eLance are just a few of the many freelance sites around. You can post your project here, and desirous content writers will bid on your project. Make a wise decision by looking into the reviews of the writers, their experience and the sample articles they are willing to write for you.

(vi) If you are getting your marketing articles ghost-written, you will have to clearly specify to your writer what you want. The better you communicate, the better you can get an article from them.

(vii) Once your marketing article is ready, either self-written or ghost-written, you must upload it to some open directory. The most popular open directory currently is ezinearticles.com. Below the article, write a short bio about yourself (which should also be very interesting) and a link to your own website.

Really, this is all you have to do. The process of article marketing is very simple; but the success of this in promoting your website will depend on how well the article is written. Hence, you must exercise extreme care at every step of the article marketing process.
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