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Renting Office Space Statistics

Oct 22, 2007
Finding an office to let in London can be difficult but is well worth the time and money once it has been found. It is very important for employers and employees to like their working environment as it can have more of an effect on a company than people may realise. A company in the UK that conducted a survey after moving offices found that there was a 16 percent increase in productivity after the move and staff satisfaction increased from 13 to 75 percent.

These statistics go to show how carefully businesses should think about where they are relocating when looking for an office to let in London. Research has shown that an astonishing 73 percent of employees are not satisfied with their physical workspaces at their current jobs. However, businesses were finding that productivity increased by 50 percent after a redesign which goes to show the importance of having an attractive and practical work place.

Ensuring that employees are happy in their working environment is a constant demand for employers as the quality of their physical environment would influence 51 percent of employees to leave their current job. As well as this, with 25 percent of employees "have serious complaints" about various environmental factors, it is important that companies provide a comfortable and attractive work place for their employees.

Finding an office to let in London that provides a positive working environment can provide many benefits for all companies. For example, attractive surroundings are likely to be the difference between an employee being motivated or unmotivated. 85 percent of UK office staff say that their working environment inhibits their creativity which means that the working environment an employee is in greatly effects how well they work.

Staying motivated is just one of the many reasons why finding a practical office to let in London should be a top priority for all employers. On top of this it has been revealed that employees who are pleased with their physical workspaces are 31 percent more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than those who weren't happy.

Shockingly, the physical workspace would impact 41 percent of employees and job seekers to accept a position. Taking all of these statistics into consideration it is not surprising that more and more companies are taking so many more factors into consideration when looking for an office to let in London. However, this comes as a great benefit to them when they find the right place as employees are a lot happier and work harder.
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